Things That Make a Relationship ‘Toxic’

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Toxicity shouldn’t be in any person’s life. Let alone in a relationship. A good relationship needs to be pure, it needs to come from the heart. And you really have to cherish that person. But when cherishing becomes hate, that’s an issue. Which is why you really have to commit to making your life a bit better. What are the warning signs of a toxic relationship?

Top Signs of Toxic Relationship

Passive aggression

When you constantly attack a person verbally it’s very toxic and the toxic relationship meaning to begin with. Just because there’s no physical aggression, these things lead to depression and it can be worse than imagined. So even if it feels bad at first, it can totally get worse.


You start knowing when a relationship is toxic when you see jealousy. If you start feeling jealous or your loved one is like that, things are not good. You end up trying to control one another and it’s just a toxic way of living. You want to have fun and enjoy life. The last thing you want or need is any sign of being toxic in this life.

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Constant criticism

A good relationship needs to grow and evolve. There should be no criticism unless it’s something that can be improved. But the toxic relationship meaning is certainly there when all you have is criticism all the time. It’s just a bad way to live and it won’t be worth your time.

Arguing and negative energy

These are two of the main warning signs of a toxic relationship. Ideally, you want to get past them. And you have to push the boundaries as much as you can. It will be worth it if you focus on having fun for a change. Yet if there’s only negative energy and downsides like this, things will not go the way you plan and you want to stay away from that.

You avoid each other

When you see this then you start knowing when a relationship is toxic. Because you are actually feeling it on your own. That’s not ok at all and it can be a problem. You end up feeling there’s no point to be in a relationship anymore. And honestly, that’s as toxic as it will get most of the time.

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You just live to make him/her happy and they don’t do the same

A relationship is all about making each other happy. If you do all the work and there’s nothing in return, there will be issues. So you have to do a little bit of both. Commit to the situation and actively find ways to make your life a bit better for a change. It’s certainly a rewarding experience if you get past this. If you don’t, the relationship is over.



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