Things To Try To Save Your Relationship From The Breakup

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Relationships nowadays become so sensitive that sometimes it just takes a single doubt or an annoying act which leads to the end of it. It is a wise saying which says that ‘too many options ends in confusion only’ and whenever a relationship ends, then thanks to today’s social platforms and apps who provides many other options. These options occupy and finish the hope of patch up and things to take a U-turn.

How to Solve Relationship Problems Without Breaking Up?

Every problem has a solution and every argument can lead to a mature conclusion, but the problem today’s is lack of patience and ego. These two acts like an armor which does not allow an arrow of hope and politeness to tear it through. There are things which should be done to avoid breakups.

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  • Communication is very important in any relationship. Most of the disputes arise because of lack of it. It is important to talk about the dispute and here listening is the key. It has seen that when a couple argues and fights, they stop listening to their respective partner’s point. This creates a gap between two and gap of talks, unread texts and avoided calls along with blank responses when ones initiate a discussion acts like the last nail in the coffin of a relationship. Never let this happen and discuss everything with your better half. Never stop talking however severe your fight is.
  • Ego is a double sided sword which cuts a relationship from your end and from your partner’s end as well. When this ego creates the gap and dissolves poison in one’s love life is not even the guy or girl who is carrying it knows. Ego restricts one to talk and apologize even if he or she knows that they are wrong. Don’t let this three letter word spoil your life and always talk and apologize if you are wrong.
  • Never and never share your personal matters with any third person. Because no one knows how and when these matters spread from one to another and became a gossip of your peer group. There are people who seek a loophole and reasons to do bitching behind your back and break your relationship. Always talk to your partner as it was you guys who thought to be together and there should be only you two to resolve every dispute too. Never criticize or complain about your partner in anyone else except the partner himself.
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  • Whenever thoughts like breaking it up or call it off pops in your mind. Just think why you guys started living with each other. Remember the moments you shared with each other and merry times of your relationship. This has a psychological effect on your mind which gradually kicks the hope of breaking up out of your mind.
  • When things became too worse it’s good to take a break, break here means to stay away from each other for a day or two but yes on a positive note. These days will fill your heart with fond memories of each other and eventually, things will be settled down. There should be a space for being self in a relationship and this healthy break acts like that only.
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Communication Relationship Problems

Relationships are very important in one’s life and play an important role in making one’s personality. The beginning of every relationship starts with the heavy intensity of texts, calls, and talks but when on a fateful day a fight or quarrel rise then communication suddenly stops. It is important to understand the fact communication plays a pivotal role in one’s relationship. Facts say that nearly 60% of breakups can be avoided if both man and woman don’t stop talking. Discussions and talks often lead to happy endings and it is important for everyone to understand this. Couples complains in their counseling sessions that their better half is not giving them proper attention and time. Try to understand the importance of talking like a single word of compliment, apology or funny flirt contain the ability to change a hot fight scenario into giggles and laughter.

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How to Fix Relationship Problems

There are things and steps which one can take to fix a relationship problem. These little inputs can avoid the fights and other problems which a relationship commonly face. Let’s see a few curing steps for a relationship:

  • People often complain about the space and communication gap in their relationship. It is all in hands of both partners. Spending the ‘me’ time of a relationship is very important and if you work in a tight schedule then try things like putting both of your cellphones on voice mail and spend the night together.
  • Lack of physical connection also cause problems in a relationship. One should listen to their libido and enjoy sex often with their partners. Sometimes it is good to perform the action when your partner can’t think of it, these sudden sexual surprises boost the love serum in a relationship.
  • Never put the burden of domestic chores on your partner as increased workload causes irritation and fights. Share the work equally among each other and enjoy the time while one cooks and one cleans the shelf.
  • Complements and appreciations play an important role in keeping a healthy relationship alive.

These tips if follows can save a relationship from breaking up.



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