What Do Married Men Want From Affairs

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There are many reasons married people go outside their relationships to have affairs with other people, ranging from lack of trust to the lack of communication or perhaps sexual dysfunctions. It is normal to wonder what the reasons in human affairs are and why they happen, is it due to social factors? Cultural reasons? Perhaps peer pressure or maybe the need for more intimacy.

Supposedly happy unions tend to have some infidelity lying somewhere, be it from the man or from the woman. This may be due to various reasons or issues that the couple may be going through within their home. This may come as a surprise, but men actually tend to cheat more than women, but while they do so more than women, married men actually have affairs for reasons completely different from that of a woman.

Men who tend to go into sexual and emotional affairs outside of their marital vows do so for different types of reasons. Perhaps you are looking to find out why a married man would have an affair or the psychology and reason that is behind the affairs of a seemingly happily married man.

Top Reasons of Affairs

It Makes Him Feel Good

Some men engage in extramarital affairs because of the rush and great feeling they get from it, they tend to feel fulfilled and better when they get to engage in other affairs.

This type of men do not cheat because the wife is not enough or not sexually attractive and active enough, but for a sense of accomplishment, especially in terms of a forbidden act as such as cheating. This gives them a rush and a good feeling.

Because it is wrong to do, then doing it feels good for them. It is all about having the chance or opportunity to be rebellious and getting to do off-limits acts.

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He is Selfish and Narcissistic

A man may also have outside affairs because he is not really interested in the consequences of his actions or is not completely affected by the outcome of the situation.

In this case, the man cheats not only because he feels like it, but also because he is just thinking about himself and what he gets from cheating. There is little thought about the impact on their partner and men like this care very little.

Men with narcissistic personalities have an issue with empathy and their actions may affect their partner but they don’t really think about the impact of these actions.

This does not imply that they do not love their partners, but rather they just act based on their own selfish desires without much consideration for their partner.

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Lack of Communication

This is another popular reason why most men cheat, every relationship may have had to deal with a lack of communication or understanding at one point or the other. But some of this miscommunication may cause men to get into other affairs outside of the marriage, this happens especially when the miscommunication may be as a result of some of the desires of the man not being met.

Some of this miscommunication may have come from the bedroom or from emotional needs, the inability to solve this problem can cause men to go into other affairs.

Despite this, a man going into an affair is not justified by the lack of communication as this may be solved in other ways like visiting a therapist or finding a way to solve the issues that may arise.

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Having Insecurities

Life gets by pretty fast without most people getting to do all the things they want, they tend to rush into relationships, marriages, family life without getting to live out all the adventures they want.

A man may begin to feel a bit caged and older, this is a psychological issue which makes him feel like he wants something younger that makes him feel like his old self. Someone that can rejuvenate the youth energy of the past. For this reason, a man might engage in extramarital affairs, just to get to feel younger and more youthful like the days of the past.

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He is Liberal and not Much of a Momogamist

Some men might actually not be built for monogamy and would prefer to be in a relationship where they can have other affairs. These types of men will explain to you that they were not built to be in a relationship with just one person. This is usually the truth because these types of men are liberal minded and would love to explore and be with other people even though they are already in a relationship.

A man that is not built for monogamy will see nothing wrong in the idea of being with other men or having extra-marital affair. With these types of men, a woman may choose to also explore the possibility of opening up the marriage and allow for other affairs.

Men can cheat for a variety of reasons which might even exclude a need to explore or have more exciting sexual relationships, some may be as a result of miscommunication or even in order to find another emotional attachment. It is important to always find out why your man may be cheating and look to find a solution to any problems that may exist.



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