When A Woman Loses Interest In A Man: Signs And Reasons

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Men and Women are quite similar when it comes to physical appearance, both have the same biology but when it comes to emotional and nature aspect, both of them are entirely different from each other. In early times, women’s were depended on men for reproduction, sex, protection, and food. Now when the entire scenario has been changed, women are doing what men thought was their area of work and men are emerging out as homemaker too.

Losing Interest: Reasons Why It Happens

  • Lack of fun and spirit is one the key reasons behind a woman losing interest in a man. Laughter and fun are important ingredients of a recipe called life. Women like when they get involved in fun talks, healthy teasing and things which makes her feel special. Understand, no one wants to live or stay in a dull lifestyle and women’s are no exception. Take her out on dates and movies and she will never get bored of you. Look, one cannot live fullest in a routine lifestyle full of work and daily chores only.
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  • If things and events will become a routine then it will gradually result in lacking interest. One would never like to follow a lifestyle which has routine work, same outings, and even routine sex drives. Thrill and surprise are the keys which make things better. A surprised outing or a sudden quickie will leave her with amazement and happiness.
  • This one seems to be small but is actually very important, women’s hate fake promises and men’s who do not stay on their words. It becomes more important when you are at the beginning of a relationship as making a promise which you are not intended to complete can decrease your women’s interest in you. Always stay in your word.
  • Every relationship needs a zeal from both partners, it bothers her if you are intentionally or un-intentionally keeping a dull attitude towards her. She will recognize it quickly and the results will be devasting as once she started getting bored and disrespected, all of her interest will become null.
  • Some men annoy their partners as it makes them happy or they believe that healthy teasing is nutritious for their relationship. Let me be honest, there is a big difference between healthy teasing and annoying activity. Stop doing the second one as it triggers her anger which ultimately will result in lacking interest from her man.
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  • Over possessing men are people whom a girl does not like at all. Possession and being possessive are different at all, you cannot claim and use your women like you touch or use your bike or car. She is a living being with the same level of intelligence and has chosen you she has feelings for you. Don’t ruin her feeling by texting her 10 times a day, asking where she is, whom she had talked or met. Girls like it when a boy becomes possessive for her but only at a respected level. An overdose of anything has bad results only.
  • Never force your feelings and desires on her, there are men who treat her like their property. They abuse her physically, emotionally and then expect their girl to love them. Well, sorry guys this attitude of yours will only get lower her interest in you. Respect her views and respect her to stay in a long-lasting relationship.

Signs she is losing interest

  • Bore sex drives, if she lacks interest in you she will try to avoid or pay least participation in your sex drives. The physical contact which was quite enjoyable becomes dull and boring. This shows that she is not interested anymore. Try to talk to her and know her feelings.
  • Unseen texts and late replies are another key sign of a woman losing interest in her man. She will busy herself in other things like friends or web series or anything but not you.
  • She looks tensed and worried but denies when it comes to discussing the reason with you. This happens when she lacks interest and trust in you.
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  • Getting overweight and not taking care of self, getting uncomfortable in cuddling and fast mood swings are the sign that she has lost her interest in you.
  • She does not as or pay attention when you tell her about how your day was and she avoids making eye contact with you. These are the signs which a man if observes should take steps to get things done right. Very least possibility is that she got someone in her life and that ‘someone’ takes good care of her than you.

Losing interest in a relationship

The relationship is like a plant which needs water as well as manure and sunlight to grow well. Both of the partners are equally responsible for making a relationship go well. A women generally losses her interest in a relationship when she is not getting proper attention and love and fun vanishes out from it. Both of them have to involve fun and things which boost each one’s interest in their duo. Sex, romance, trust, respect, and communication are the pillars of a relationship and whenever any pillar gets weak, the relationship finds hard to stand.



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