When It’s Time to Stop Unhappy Relationship

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There are many of us who waste too much time being trapped in an unhappy relationship. That should not happen. The reason is simple, time is the most highly-priced currency that you have. Time can not be reversed back. If you stay in an unhappy relationship, then that means that you are also wasting your time.

Signs That it is Time For You to Break the Relationship

1. Needs

Every person has their own needs. This comes to the fact that every person communicates in a different manner, and they feel that they are being loved through different manners too. There are some people who would think that an act of service in the form of love, some other quality time, or even touches.

The point is that everyone is different and has their own needs. When you are not feeling that you need is being fulfilled, it is very important that you communicate with your partner. Try to see if both of you can come into a middle ground that can resolute the problem.

However, if your partner is not willing to work hard to be able to give you what you need, then it is time for you to break the relationship. There is no point for you to stick around because the truth is that you need will never be fulfilled and then you will keep being unhappy as long as you are with that person.

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2. Fight

You might have been thinking that fight is one of the cause of you having to break a relationship. The truth is the lack of thereof is much more concerning than the amount of fight that you have.

Weirdly, a healthy relationship requires a fight. By fighting or bickering, this means that both partners that are involved are still invested in the growth of the relationship. Without a fight or an argument, it is a sign that both parties have given up and felt hopeless about the impact that they can have on each other and the impact on the relationship to change.

However, if you find yourself or your partner picking fights, then it is not a good sign a well. Although a healthy relationship requires you to have a sufficient amount of fight, if you find yourself fighting with your partner about every small little thing, then maybe your subconscious is telling you something. It has been proven that people pick on unnecessary fights because they would like to create space and avoid interactions.

If your relationship has reached this stage, it is better for you to move on. It does not make any sense that you have to continue to go through unhappy relationship advice.

3. Obligation

Another sign that you should break off your relationship is if you are feeling that you are obligated to stay with that other person. A reason why people do this is that because people think that they have invested time and effort, then they should keep on trying to make the relationship work out even when it is not.

When it comes to a relationship, it is important to know that time does not equal success. If you have spent a lot of time in the relationship, it does not mean that your partner has put their effort into your relationship.
Once you realize that you are staying only because you are feeling obligated, then you know that you have actually lost that feeling towards that person.

4. Date night

Experts on relationships highly suggested that couples keep on going to date nights. If you have stopped doing so, then you need to ask yourself a question. A relationship requires effort and hard work to be able to work out. If you stopped going on date nights, then you have merely stopped putting effort into each other.

There is a lot of reason that you or your partner might have said in response to this matter. You might say that you are too busy with work, or you just simply do not have time. The truth is, you are hiding behind your business and activity.

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5. Asking for more

Another reason that you should leave your relationship is that if you feel scared to ask more from your partner. Hiding your true feelings about certain things are not healthy. A healthy relationship requires open two-way communication about various things. It could be about your needs as well.

If you are hiding something from your partner about your needs, then you are just waiting for a disaster to strike. There will be a time when you will not be able to hold it back. If you are thinking about saving the relationship, then it is much more advisable, to be honest with your partner. This way, you are also building trust in him or her.

There are a lot more other signs that show that you are not happy in the relationship. Other signs revolve around you being unhappy and holding grudges. You can clearly see when a relationship is not working. Relationship is supposed to bring two people together in a closer and much more intimate way. If your relationship is not resulting in you having or emitting a positive feeling, then the relationship is not working. It includes holding grudges, not being honest, playing the blame and etc. Breaking the relationship up might be the only way how to leave an unhappy relationship.



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