Why do I Never Feel Good Enough in Relationships? Tips on How to Cope With an Issue

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What to Do If You Always Feeling Bad About Any Relationship

Any relationship is absolutely unique. Although any couple comes through its own difficulties and fights, some people are constantly feeling bad about their relationship each time they start dating. How to cope with that annoying feeling? What should you do, when something doesn’t feel right in your relationship?

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5 Tips to Stop Feeling Bad About Each Relationship

1. Stop comparing your former relationship with your new one. You can’t engage in similar relationships with different partners. If you were happy with your former crush, the first thing you need to do is to stop idealize him or her. You might have plenty of awesome moments, but you surely had some issues with your ex. All in all, your new love will not be the same person as your former beloved. Just accept it and stop thinking about your past.

2. Avoid looking for a perfect relationship. Love is not when you are keen on someone perfect. Love is when you find a person, whose drawbacks seem to be little imperfections to you. Therefore, stop looking for a perfect person, since he or she doesn’t exist. Focus on a few features that seem to be important to you and enjoy your new relationship!

3. Stop trying to read minds. When you start dating someone, you often try to be the best of your own self. You might even try to read minds of your new crush to please him or her. However, you’ve chosen the wrong path. Having bad feeling in the relationship? Be yourself! Relax, spend a good time with your new partner and let everything go its own way.

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4. Avoid inventing fake problems. Worrying about being cheated? Why does your partner come home late? What if he or she is dating someone else? Being too anxious in the relationship is not normal. To leave your fears behind, imagine that they happen in reality. What should you do? Aren’t they not so scary as seemed from the first glance? Not to mention, most of our fears concern issues that will actually never happen.

5. Stay positive. Not feeling good enough in the relationship? Stop thinking about your performance! You are who you are. Accept yourself and enjoy the ride!

Signs that Are You in the Bad Relationship You Should Break up Immediately

1. You face with emotional, psychological or physical violence.
2. Your partner has alcoholic, drug or any other abuse and makes you try what you don’t want to try.
3. You feel depressed and have suicide thought because of your relationship (consider visit a professional psychologist!).
4. Your partner is constantly putting you down for no reason.
5. You have completely different views, plans for future and values.
6. Your partner wants you to significantly change.
7. Your crush is too suspicious and pathologically jealous.
8. You have a gut feeling your partner is treating you badly.



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