Why do People Divorce? Top Reasons

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In case you don’t know, almost half of all American marriages usually end up in divorce. Do you know why? Looking at it, it is safe to conclude that divorce is so rampant because there is the law that does not see anything wrong in it.

Between 1960 and 1980, the divorce rate in the US rises from 9.2 divorces per 1,000 women to 22.6 per 1,000 women. Starting from then, the divorce rate in the US has continued to rise in a geometric progression. So, what are the most common reasons for divorce?

Most Common Reasons For Divorce

1. Economic recession
The economic recession that occurred in the past few years contributed to the high rate of divorce. Many married encountered financial difficulties and became single from them (according to their complaints). Perhaps, a family cannot thrive without money and this excuse can be genuine to an extent.

2. Infidelity
Lack of trust and infidelity is another most common reason for divorce. In as much as you cannot manage infidelity, others also cannot. This can happen to either party in a marriage.

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3. Disappointment
Many of us entered into marriage with high hope. If we later couldn’t get what we hoped/dreamed of, we end up being disappointment and divorce may set in.

4. Abuse and Harassment
Physical and emotional abuse is another top reason for divorce. Naturally, when either party put up an abuse, divorce is the only way they can get away from the punishment. Abuse and harassment can take any form, like domestic violence, sexual harassment, and a host of others.

5. Loss of interest
Sometimes, couples can just fall out of attraction with each other. They suddenly found nothing to interest each other in the marriage anymore and think it is best to end the marriage. This is very common if they didn’t take enough time to build and develop a close bond before they venture into marriage.

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6. Addictions
Addictions can be very hard to cope with and can easily piss the other party off. This can happen to either of the couples. For instance, the man or woman can be addicted to drinking, smoking, gambling, or coming home late. This can be even severe if this addiction contributes to financial hardship for the family. Unless both partners share the same addiction, it can be a big blow and cause divorce in the marriage.

7. Physical differences and incompatibility
Divorce can also occur when the couple is physically incompatible with each other. It may happen if partner’s has body has lost its beauty.


Of course, there are many other reasons why people get divorced. Unlike older generations, today’s couples are not ready to put things in place in order to save their marriage. Since divorce is not a crime or a punishable offense in the law, couples find it easy to resolve into a divorce rather than any other thing.



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