Bumble Dating App Review

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How Bumble App Works

The first thing you need is to download the app. Its signing up process is super easy as you just need to have a Facebook account. After signing up bumble will get your basic information from your Facebook profile. Your Facebook profile picture will be used as your main photo but later you can add up to 6 more photos to make sure your match will be impressed. Write a 300 character bio on the “about me” section, select the age range you are interested in, location and the gender you are interested in. From there you can begin bumble online dating.

Like Tinder works you are offered with different profiles according to your search and when you like what you see you swipe right if you don’t, you swipe left. If you swipe left by accident and you wanted to swipe right, you can undo that by shaking your phone. The profiles usually consist of a profile picture and the age of the person. You can tap on the profile picture to see additional information about the guy you are interested in. if you swipe right and the guy swipes right then you will get a match. After getting a match it is the woman who is responsible for making the first move. You will be given 24 hours to make a move and if you don’t make a move within that time then the match will disappear.

For gays the women-reach-out-first rule does not apply. After one gets match he can initiate the conversation and the other person has 24 hours to respond. The same case applies to lesbians. The user interface of Bumble dating app is awesome as you can sort your conversations to see the unread messages, recent messages, and members who are nearby.

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Features and Communication Tools

Bumble dating app just like other dating apps it has some paid features which increases your chances of finding a perfect match. The premium package offers you 3 additional features.

  • The beeline. This feature shows you the users who are already interested in you and so you will not waste your time waiting to find a match.
  • The rematch. Matches usually expire in 24 hours but if you have a premium package, you can rematch with a person even after the match expires.
  • Busy bee. This feature allows you to extend the 24 hours window to 48 hours.

You can buy bumble coins to buy SuperSwipes. SuperSwipes lets the guy you are crushing on know that you are serious about wanting to make a connection. Bumble app is not only for people who want to date. It allows you to make new friends using their bumble BFF feature. If you were in to make new friends, switch the BFF mode and the matches will be replaced with people they think wants to be friends with you. The same rules apply, a woman will have to make the first move after getting a match. You won’t get confused between the guys who want to be your friends and the ones who have love interests because of how cleverly bumble app has coded the colors.

Bumblevid is another interesting feature of bumble. This feature allows you to make a story with 10- second videos. This videos usually disappears after 24 hours. It is a great feature if like enjoying the limelight.

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Safety and Security

Women are the one who makes the first move and because of this bumble app has added an additional level of filters because men sometimes like making the first move on women they like. The additional level of safety has ensured that the rate of abuse is super low with only 0.008 percent of its users reporting abuse.

It has security measures that ensure your personal information is secured in their firewalls. No one can access your sensitive information from your profile. Your phone number or home address is very safe.

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Pros of Bumble Dating App

  • Women are not overwhelmed with messages they don’t want from men as they are the ones who initiates the conversations.
  • 60 percent of the matches results to conversations so you can be sure of finding a perfect match if you use this app.
  • The gender demographics are almost equal with 45 percent being women and 55% being men.
  • Setting up a bumble account is super easy. All you need is a Facebook account.

Cons of Bumble Dating App

  • Men can’t initiate the conversations, so if you are having a crush on a girl if she doesn’t like you there is nothing you can do.
  • Match expires after 24 hours.
  • Match criteria consist of only three things i.e. gender, age, and location so if you are looking for some specific features then you will have to try other dating apps.
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Bumble dating app is not for everyone. If as a man you can’t stomach the idea of waiting for a lady to make the first move then it is not for you. On the other hand if you believe you are handsome enough it will bring a nice feeling being pursued by a lady. If you are a lady and you don’t have the guts of making the first move then bumble is not for you.



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