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The Internet just seems to have made it possible to do virtually anything. From getting access to money to ordering food and even ordering for any product of your choice, it is also possible for you to find love through the Internet. Several people have been fortunate enough to meet their partner through the Internet. The Internet also contributed significantly to their communication during this period, before they finally got to meet, continued the relationship and it resulted in a wedding. Fast forward to after the wedding, everything was still blissful, they have kids and they continue to grow together in love. Yes, it is very possible to achieve this as well.

1.Online Dating

Online dating has been around for quite a while. Since the Internet became accessible to the public, there have been a series of websites that have been committed to linking partners. There were also others that had other features, but online dating was one of them. Such websites are committed to helping people who are looking for partners. The major problem with such websites is that they are sometimes proliferated by married men and other single men who are just looking for a woman to lay as opposed to a serious relationship. This is part of what makes eHarmony special as they have been able to curb such proliferation to a very large extent. This has been proved by eHarmony success rate in linking people together for a lifetime relationship.

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2.eHarmony Website

eHarmony dating website is a great place where people who are looking for partners can register. You will subsequently be linked up with beautiful ladies and handsome guys who are looking for a partner too. You will be able to see some basic details about the ladies and guys so that you can know if, at the basic level, you could be compatible. Once the details you have seen appeals to you, you can take things further by chatting them up. From here, you could get to know each other better. For most people, the opportunity to see will present itself within a few weeks. From here, we are able to record a wedding in most cases within some months to a few years. The website is beautifully designed and contains all the right features to link you up with the man or woman of your dreams.

3.Why You Should Visit eHarmony

eHarmony as a dating website is not like most other websites where men are just linked randomly with ladies or where every lady on the website is listed for you to see. They use a unique and effective algorithm to collect the information you have provided and link you up with individuals of the opposite sex that match with you. This is a major advantage eHarmony has over other dating websites, especially those with other features, such as social media features. Due to their many features, they are not interested so much in matchmaking. You can meet anybody on the website, irrespective of if there could be a connection between the both of you or not. This makes it easier for people who are not looking for any serious relationship or even criminals to take advantage of. eHarmony, on the other hand, is a matchmaking website, meaning they look at your information and the information of available ladies, and then decide which ladies should be right for you and suggest that. This is why the conversion rate on eHarmony is not only high, but the divorce rate is also very low as discussed subsequently.

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4.Success Rate of eHarmony

The statistics of eHarmony dating website is one that will be sure to wow you. The eHarmony success rates include:

  • Availability in 200 countries, 33 million memberships and a period of 16 years of linking couples together. Thus, you could get a foreign partner from your preferred country.
  • The compatibility matching system questionnaire of eHarmony, with about 100 questions, is filled by about 15,000 people on a daily basis.
  • Couples that have met through eHarmony have a rate of divorce of just 3.86 percent as opposed to the USA national average of 50 percent.
  • More than 600,000 people who have met their partner through eHarmony have gone on to have a wedding.
  • A survey has led to the discovery that an average of 542 individuals gets married on a daily basis after meeting their partner on eHarmony.
  • About 4 percent of marriages in the USA started on eHarmony.
  • Every single day, about 15 million matches are achieved for their members. Each member having their own unique matches, not the same matches or every available member matching for a particular member.
  • Every year, about 69 percent of registered men and 71 percent of registered women find their spouse on the platform. Thus, as a man, you have a 69 percent chance of meeting your spouse within the next one year on eHarmony, while you have a 69 percent chance as a woman.

5.Feedbacks for eHarmony

A lot of individuals and couples have left reviews for eHarmony. Virtually all the reviews have been positive as they talk about how they were able to find their spouse on the platform and how they are now living together happily after getting married.

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If you are still scared of online dating or even dating physically, it is because you have not tried eHarmony. On eHarmony, you will be able to find the right match of spouse for you and you will be surprised at how quickly and beautifully everything will kick off. It is believed that if you registered on eHarmony today, there is a more than 65 percent chance of finding a spouse within the next one year and a more than 95 percent chance of finding a spouse within the next two years. So if you are wondering, is eHarmony worth it. The answer is Yes, it is worth it.



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