Hinge Dating App Review

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In the 21st century, it seems harder every time to find someone dateable. Even though dating apps should be making our lives easier, using things like Tinder will only make you end up with a few terrible one night stands. Maybe, if you are lucky, someone you will date twice and get rid of (as ugly as it sounds). The thing is, the reason why this happens is that dating apps focus on quantity, the more options you have the more likely you are to get someone, right? Wrong. You might have quantity; however, quality is not usually found. There might be exceptions, but most people on dating apps are kind of only looking for short term things.

What is Hinge dating app?

Hinge is a dating app, in case you hadn’t already guessed it. Anyway, it is not based on swiping what you like and what you don’t. As a matter of fact, the slogan of the app is “designed to be deleted”. This means they don’t want you to be stuck endlessly matching with people that you will never truly connect with in real life. This is why the Hinge algorithm is more based on meaningful interaction than mutual physical attraction.

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How to use Hinge app?

Unlike Tinder where you just have to swipe left or right, Hinge might be a little more complicated, but worth it.

So, how does Hinge work? It is kind of an Instagram for people who want to date. Like any dating profile, first, you will be asked to answer some questions, ask you to upload photos, to complete prompts, that kind of stuff. Once you have done all of the “paperwork” you can start looking for your future love. First, you go into the discover section and if you like what you see, you hit the heart. The people that are going to show depending on your answers and the filters you set (Preferred Members can add more filters). Then, you can comment or like a photo, video, or profile. If the owner replies, you get a “connection” and you can then start a conversation.

When another user shows interest on you, you can put them in the “Likes you” section. If you are interested as well, just reply to the comment or tap the blue button. Hinge also has a highlights section where it puts the profiles that seem most compatible with you.

Also, you have a successful track where, after starting to talk to a person Hinge will ask if you went on a date and if you would like to go out again. Sounds like your mom, right? But better because Hinge is going to benefit you for answering.

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  • Find the love of your life from your couch? Sound pretty good, huh?One of the best things about this app is that, as it is designed for finding long-term relationships, everybody is on the same page. You won’t get the awkward conversations where you have to explain you are not into hooking up, and that you didn’t want that dick pick.
  • Second, profiles have substance. You can comment, see many things and not base your match only on looks and a not-so-terrible description.
  • The interface is pretty friendly, so you won’t be stuck in an eternal loop of “How to use Hinge app?”
  • Also, if you login with Facebook (which I really recommend), Hinge will help match you with people you have friends in common with. And it will avoid exes and family ties to not avoid making it extra awkward.
  • Finally, the filters, there are so many things you can add. And you can be really specific with what is a deal breaker, what you’d prefer not to happen, etc…
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  • Since we are millennials and we are poor, the fact that you’ll eventually be asked to pay membership is a bummer. But hey, a $7 monthly fee is nothing if you are meeting the love of your life, right?
  • Talking about other apps, a lot of people on Hinge are also on Tinder and Bumble. It isn’t that it is bad but, you might not love the idea.
  • If your Facebook info is not the way Hinge wants it to be, you are likely to have trouble with the way Hinge displays it.
  • You have limited likes per day (you can only like 10 profiles). Also, if you have an “incomplete” profile, you are not entitled to have liked.
  • Users you previously skipped can appear in your profile again for you to reconsider. Not bad, but it can get a little annoying.

Is it right for you?

We guess everyone has its preferences when it comes to dating apps. Try it, if you like it keep it, if not, erase it. We ain’t got no time to lose. If you want a serious relationship, it is probably better than Tinder, though.



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