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Dating websites can be tedious, difficult to navigate sometimes and rather boring. Don’t take it the wrong way, but it is easy to fall into the web of dating websites that are way below average these days. But with OkCupid dating, online dating has never been this fun and easy, with easy navigations and quick account set-up process, you don’t have to worry about not finding the right match or person for you.

Review of OkCupid

OkCupid is an online dating platform that came into existence in the year 2004, in about 3 years later, this website got listed in Time Magazine’s To 10 dating websites, with solid growth over the years, this website has become the go-to online dating platform.

OkCupid is easy to use and not tedious like many below par dating platforms on the internet, it is not short of profiles to look through as more and more members join this website every year.

One of the best features of this website is the rule that only allows two people to communicate when they like each other’s profile, this helps to prevent unnecessary hooking up unless the two parties are interested in each other. OkCupid helps to create a unique dating environment by putting good emphasis on member participation, this is highlighted in the fact that matches are identified based on your profile and responses to a number of fun questions. The site is a paying website and while members that don’t pay get to see some little ads, the paid ones get to enjoy “VIP” treatment and have an ad-free experience on the website. OkCupid is also a website that is big on the privacy of its members and users are allowed full control on who gets to view their profiles or not.

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  • It is free and users can send and receive messages
  • Easy to use and navigate through.
  • Wide range of sexual orientation and gender options


  • Presence of ads for free members
  • No video calls allowed.

But while it is easy for one to talk about a dating website that is actually fun to use and easy to navigate around in, it is also important to ask the question, how does OkCupid work?

Quick Steps Involved in Setting up with OkCupid and Navigating Your Way Around Easily

Opening an Account

OkCupid can be used on both mobile phones and desktop, this allows for you to be flexible and choose whichever one suits your style. You can easily open an account on their website by linking with your Facebook account or via your email address.

After successfully signing up, you will be asked to provide some basic details like your gender of interest, your birthday, zip code, the length of relationship you may want as well as other little details. Finishing up with these things is rather easy and when you are done with them, you can be able to customize your profile and start finding a match.

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Choose photos and write a bio for yourself

After successfully setting up an account with OkCupid, what is next is to choose pictures that you want people to see, this dating platform allows for up to 6 pictures to be uploaded on your profile. A tip to set up your picture is to choose pictures that are mostly of you alone, while it is nice to post some group pictures, it is also important that you have some other pictures that show you smiling or looking happy in a good location. Photos are also the perfect way for you to show your hobbies and likes, so if you are into football or music, you can post a picture of you doing these favorite things of yours as well.

When writing a bio on OkCupid, you should keep it all short, simple, without too many stories. If you can compose just 5 sentences that tell people about yourself, your hobbies and passions. In writing your bio, you should keep it well personal, this makes it look a lot more genuine and believable and will also help you attract your best match.

Answer all the questions you can

This is basically just the last part of the account setup with OkCupid, easy peasy right? All you have to do at this stage is to answer personal questions that will help you to find the right and best match for you. Every profile you check on OkCupid will show a certain level of compatibility rate and this all depends on the type of answers you give to your questions as this is how OkCupid will rate your match.

The questions are just about 15 and they range from your interests to the type of things you like or dislike; these questions may include what type of sport you are interested in, down to what political party you prefer. You can even increase the accuracy of your match by answering more questions from your profile.

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Send out a like

OkCupid only allows contact between two individuals based on a mutual like for each other’s account, that is to say, two individuals have to like each other’s profile before they can be matched. You can easily search for a match by checking the profiles of different individuals and looking to see if the compatibility level is high enough to be the one for you.

You just got matched!

Once you like a person’s profile and they like yours back, then you’ve been matched and you can go ahead and get to know more about them.


OkCupid is a great website to use with lots of gender options and a great interface to navigate through. Anyone can use OkCupid and find a match that suits them.



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