PlentyOfFish Review

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Plenty of Fish Review

Now referred to as, plenty of fish was established in 2003; this website has over 150,000,000 members and gets over 2 billion-page views every month. The amount of traffic that goes in every day is also much, as over 4 million users log in on average every day and about 10 million conversations happen each day.

It is free to sign up with PlentyOfFish and after setting up an account, one is required to answer a set of chemistry assessment questions, these questions are over 70 in number and they will help in determining the perfect match for you. They cover a good range of personality traits and preferences, from the type of movies you like to your sort of personality and so on.

You are also allowed to answer questions on a scale and with this, you can easily indicate the degree to which you prefer something or do not prefer it. No need to choke yourself with polar questions that won’t allow you to express yourself fully. The chemistry assessment questions are the only mandatory ones for you to answer as the others in the profile can be attended to at your own convenience.

Considering that there is a lot at stake in finding the right match for you, it is important that one takes the time to carefully attend to the details of each of the chemistry questions. There is also an app available with plenty of fish which allows you to directly message your match from the comfort of your phone, this app will also allow you to check for suitable matches that fit the description of your needs and wants.

Even though you can successfully find a match on PlentyOfFish without using their payment options, subscribing to their monthly plans give you access to some of their perks, like if your messages have been read by the other party or not and so on.

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Pros of PlentyOfFish

  • Most of the features on this website are free and easy to use, you can create a profile without any subscription plan, but if you choose, you can spend money on a plan.
  • The profiles of each member you find are well detailed for you to find a match easily.
  • There are nice search filters that allow you to find a match easily on the app.
  • It has a lot of members which gives a higher chance of finding a match.

Cons of PlentyOfFish

  • You may need to upgrade to a subscription plan to get some certain features.
  • No customer care or support.
  • There is no provision for video calls or group chats of any sort.
  • Too many ads on the website.
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How Does it Work?

While it is nice to get a good overview of the platform, one would also be curious and ask, how does plenty of fish work?

The website of plenty of fish can be easily accessed by punching POF.COM into your internet browser, it can also be accessed by using their app on Android or iOS.

Sign Up Process

PlentyOfFish website is one of the only dating websites that do not ask for you to link your Facebook account while registering or setting up an account. Instead, they ask directly for your user details which you are required to fill completely.

Some basic questions will be asked to ensure that you will be set up with the right match, these questions will be unique and tailored personally.

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Account Varification

To prevent fraud and questionable individuals from signing up on plenty of fish, each person is required to enter their mobile number, to which a verification code will be sent.

This code will then be entered and voila! Your account is ready.

Putting Up Photos

With PlentyOfFish, you are allowed to post up to 8 pictures on your profile or even 16 if you own an upgraded account.

If you link your account with your Instagram or Facebook account, you can easily upload your pictures from them in a way easier process.

You are also allowed to make your images private and not allow them to be publicly viewed.

Relationship Chemistry Predictor Test

This test allows you to improve your chances of finding the perfect match, it includes over 70 test questions which will help indicate your preferences and the type of person fit for you.

You are allowed to postpone the test and take it later while you do other things with your profile, hence you can choose to take the chemistry test at a later time which may be more convenient for you.

Profile Preview

After completing the setup process, your account and profile pictures will be reviewed and checked by a moderator before being displayed on the website.


This website is generally good and easy to use, with no restrictions on the type of relationship match you can find. This website also has a lot of traffic and members which makes it easier and quicker to get a match.

This site also has nice features, especially enjoyed better with an upgraded account.



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