3 Men Reasons for Break up and What Do They Mean

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Breakup Words Translator: What He Actually Mean

Breaking up is usually a tough period for both parties. However, there is always a certain partner, who initiated the break up and who actually made the first step for turning your couple apart. There are dozens of true reasons for breakup; however, most guys use those annoying clichés to end the relationship. Here we will unveil the secret truth of what his words actually mean using our handy breakup translator.

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Common Clichés For Breaking Up

1. ‘It’s me, not you’. This phrase is one of the most common reasons for breakup. However, there are two real reasons, why your ex-boyfriend was telling you these awkward things. The first one is that it is absolutely true: he might not be ready for long-term relationship, prefer concentrate on his career or studies, move to another city or just want to stay alone for a while. In this case, he was satisfied with your relationship, but his plans on the nearest future don’t include any dating. The second option is that your boyfriend doesn’t want to hurt you and simply lies about the true reasons for breakup. This way, you didn’t meet all his expectations. Notwithstanding, your former crush respects your feelings and values you, because he is trying to sooth your breakup and turn apart with minimum pain for both of you.

2. ‘I’m not so good for you’ or ‘You deserve a better guy’. There is no more annoying breakup reason, than this option. What does it actually mean? In this case, your ex-boyfriend is not planning to date with you for different reasons. You might be taking your relationship seriously, while he was looking for a short-term dating. This way, he is actually making you a favor (despite it sounds odd): it’s better to have positive memories for a short-term relationship than have a painful breakup after dating for a couple of years. Not to mention, in this case your former crush still has warm feelings to you, but this is not love anymore.

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3. ‘Let’s be friends’. You might hear this phrase for plenty of times before. What is its true meaning? The matter is that your ex-boyfriend is just looking for some other kind of person. He might be fond of going to nightclubs, while you prefer calm evening at home. Or he is keen on Japanese culture, while you can’t stand anime. There are thousands of real reasons, why you are not meant to be together. This way, your former crash values your relationship and really likes you, but prefer to be friends only. He might be still calling you, visiting public places together or even telling you about his new girlfriend. You can easily engage in this friendship, if you have no deep feelings to your former partner. However, if you feel you still love him, it’s better to turn apart forever and leave your feelings in the past.



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