Advice to Someone with a Broken Heart

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Getting over a break up is not a pleasant experience. At one point in life, you may have to get through this ordeal. The sad, lonely nights or a hurtful era are never forgettable. Falling in love, they say, is awfully simple; but falling out of love is simply awful. It gets worse if you are the one who wanted to pursue, mend, and support the relationship. Most of the time we spend time pondering over the whys and why-nots, as you lip-synch to your favorite somber songs or movies on lost love. Different personalities mourn and grieve differently, but in all cases, it is a complex thing trying to fix it.

After a relationship you believed in did not work, the rejection should not hold you back from getting up again and find happiness in a love relationship. You can still love deeply again, and the pain you endure may make your next relationship even more fruitful. Going beyond the pain requires courage and confidence to fight through.

Things to Consider on How to Fix a Broken Heart

Detaching to revel in independence

Detaching is one of the most vital tasks for someone with a broken heart. Do not attempt to rush into a new relationship or desperately try to win the person back. This is an attempt to fill the void when you should be detaching from it. This lesion is borrowed from Buddha who taught that attachment leads to suffering. Detaching is, therefore, the route to happiness and peace. With the help of a higher power, you can fill the emptiness and huge void, which seems impossible to fill.

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Listing your strengths

Finding your self-esteem back is very critical in your journey to healing. Instead of getting drunk and losing yourself to alcohol, find strength in your personality. Checking on your strengths helps you appreciate your worth and value so you will take the blame for the loss of the relationship. Many people end up blaming themselves for the break-up, and this only worsens their depression. Instead of taking burdens, which weigh you down, it is more important to find pride in your self-worth.

Going through it instead of around it

One of the most difficult things people with broken hearts face is a standing still to feel the pain. What most of them do not know is that facing their problem is their way out of the problem. There is no shortcut or enough obstructions to taking you around the problem. The face is that grieving helps you to move on and out of your problem. Your therapist will show you how to go through it and not attempt to avoid it because, you retain issues, which will tear you apart for inside for a long time. Going through the problem helps you come out a stronger person with the ability to tackle similar problems properly without breaking down.

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It is okay to fantasize

If you want to make a complete transformation in your grief, allow some fantasizing. Since Grief is a natural process, it comes with a yearning for the person you just lost. The logic of allowing some bit of fantasy helps you to banish a sexual fantasy from your head. If you do not consider doing this, then you will only make it worse. If it is the elephant in the room, there is no way around it, and you will have to think about it. This means it is okay to exaggerate it and make fantasies about it to help you move on.

Helping someone else

Although it is difficult to understand this, helping someone else go through the problem will help free you from your depression. Turning your attention to another person helps you address your own. If you can find one facing similar problems and take them through to their freedom, you will be amazed at the effect it will have on you. It feels like a miracle to get free while handling someone else’s problems.

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Laughing and crying is the surest way on how to fix a broken heart. Since childhood, we have naturally responded to our issues by displaying the appropriate emotion. It is not a coincidence to have the feeling of crying so do not suppress. Researchers have found that emotional tears contain toxic biochemical byproducts, and shedding tears rid them. It is best to cry as much as you can if it takes you all afternoon to do it.

Form a good and bad list

Find out the activities, which make you feel good, as opposed to those, which want to make you react badly and harm those who hurt you. You may not know the relevant ones, which belong to the appropriate list. Luckily, you will need time to learn how to group them hence how to deal with a broken heart.



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