Breaking Up with Someone: How to Minimize Pain for Both

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Breaking Up with Someone: Ways to Make It Less Painful

Ending the relationship is often difficult. Either both or one of you are likely to feel pain. However, you can make your break up more smooth and just do it politely. Here you will find some tips on how to communicate with your partner and end your relationship less painfully.

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Most Common Reasons For Ending the Relationship

You are not feeling happy anymore. You are tired of this relationship and feel you are not ready to fight or improve it anymore;

– You face with physical or moral pressure. Dating or living with an aggressive partner might ruin your life. Although your partner might be a perfect match when he or she is not angry, avoid staying in the relationship with an inadequate lover.

– Your partner doesn’t suit your personal values and plans on future.

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Making a Breakup with Minimum Pain

1. Avoid making it during vulnerable period. In case you partner has lost any close person or just having an extra tough period at his or her work, it’s not the best time to initiate your breakup. Just wait for a few days and have this difficult talk.

2. Make it personally. Don’t be a coward: always initiate the breakup face to face. The only exception to this rule is when you feel insecure behind you crush.

3. Be honest. Avoid telling lies and invent false reasons for breakup. Your former loved one might feel this and can try to save your relationship. Keep your conversation calm, confident and fair.

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4. Avoid breakup in public places. You can’t expect what response you will get and how your crush will accept this fact. Shouting and crying on public is definitely what you don’t want to face with.

5. Avoid being brutal or revenge. Although you former partner might be the real bullshit, avoid revenging him or her. Just leave your crush alone with all their thoughts.

6. Never use cliché phrases or reasons for breakup. Your partner definitely deserves to know the truth and should know what the real roots of ending the relationship are.

7. Cut of the contact. Don’t even think about calling your former crush at least a couple of weeks after the breakup, since it might be painful for both of you, and give your former partner a false hope to reunite.

8. Cry if you want to cry. Release your emotions and try to accept your new condition. Thing will not be the same now. They will be even better, although you might find it impossible at that tough moment.

9. Avoid initiating the rebound relationship. It is not likely to mend your heart. Live your life on full, study something new and stay social. However, it’s a good idea to have a small break in dating.

10. Let your life being filled with fresh air. Travel, learn foreign languages, hang on with friends and just do whatever you really want to do! Pain will not last forever: the true happiness is right around the corner!

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