Broken heart: What to do if need to start a new life

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Broken heart: What to do to get through the pain

Recovering the broken heart is never easy. The terrible feeling of pain is always behind you – whether you are communicating with friends, having dinner with parents or just staying alone at home. Surely, this sucks. What should you do to mend your heart more quickly? Broken heart: What to do if you want to start a new life?

  • Stay strong. Either your feelings might tear you apart from inside, try to get through your pain. Remember: you will not suffer from your break up forever. You just need some time to heal your heart and become happy again.

  • Change your environment. First of all, make a reshuffle in your room: give away useless things, odd presents and clothes that you did not wear for a couple of years. Bringing order to your wardrobe might easily bring order to your thoughts and feelings.
  • Find your strong points. You might easily feel guilty that you are the main reason of your break up. Could you behave in a different way? Could you mend your relationship? What if…? Try to stop asking yourself too many questions; list your strengths, believe in yourself and don’t stick in your past!

  • Help someone. There are thousands of people that are less lucky than you. Do you have something to eat? Do you have clothes to wear? Don’t you live in a paper box under the bridge? Try to help someone who suffers more than you. You might start volunteering, meet new people and find happiness in the real world rather than just pottering with your depression.
  • Leave your emotions away. If you want to cry, just cry. Tears might heal your heart. However, don’t forget about laughter: it is much more pleasant way to forget your worries. Look for stand up shows; listen to the records of the popular comedians… Even if you don’t want to – you desperately need to bring some positive emotions to your life.
  • Go in for sports. Swimming, work out, running, karate or exercising – choose the best option for you. Your body will become healthier, as well as your feelings.

  • Go out. If you want to stay at home and cry, it’s a good idea to do that a couple of times. However, avoid long periods of isolation. Hang out with friends, go for a vacation, visit a concert or some public events to get new emotions.

Note: life is still full of awesome things. Don’t miss any possibilities to try something new!



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