Reasons Of Having A Rebound Relationship

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Rebound Relationships as a Painkiller

A relationship takes time to see its genesis in between two individuals. Love blossoms, promises, those intimate hugs and kisses, photographs, late night calls, everything seems as if it is straight out of a dream. But unfortunately, dreams have a habit of going rogue at the very last moment. Circumstances or decisions shatter the once unbreakable trust and in turn ruins the love which one has for the other. Some try their best to save their relationships by doing everything out of their way to make things right but even that doesn’t help them sometimes.

So eventually they both end up parting their ways with immense grief and sorrow. Pain accompanies and becomes the best friend, filling the empty spaces in between. Melancholy follows like a grim reminder of the reality which now knocks at the threshold. Eyes become moist, throat numb and heavy, the voice seems to fade away into submission. Sometimes the only sound they both hear is their own, alone in a corner, sobbing softly. Even pillows become the graveyard of countless tears. And who on Earth says that men don’t shed tears, aren’t they human as well? Throughout our lives, we search for that particular moment where we hold our loved one’s hand and promise to live the rest of the life with that person. But destiny often discourages the idea and brings us back into the realm of reality. And the reality is quite dark and grayish, to be honest.

But among those tormented faces are a few who search for a better option, a painkiller of some sort, a means to escape the horrors of reality and despair. Now what is it called, you might ask. Well, this painkiller is better known as a rebound relationship. No matter how far you go, the ghost of your past seems to know your hiding address pretty well. That’s what some fail to see while taking a dosage from the beautifully decorated bottle of a rebound relationship.

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  • Insecurities

It dawns upon the person who has suffered the terrible fate of a breakup. The previous insecurities start to surface again gnawing the insides, crying for help. In such circumstances, the only option which seems to be working in the favor is, you guessed it, a rebound relationship. These insecurities take a toll on the individual to such an extent that he/she decides to go for the painkiller. Now this situation could’ve been handled with a bit of counseling but the participant seems to be in such a hurry that he/she forgets to do the right thing.

  • To get back the lost love

Even though love ended on a bitter note, the participant decided to go for a rebound. Why? Because he/she wanted to gain the sympathy of the ex. How? Simply by dropping text or a call saying that things are not going good and it seems to be empty all round like a vacuum. They try to play the victim here and a champion there. But before you decide that its time to be moving in with a rebound relationship, just ask yourself this. Can a rebound relationship work?

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  • Revenge served cold

Perhaps one of the best driving forces of nature is revenge. If you believe that it was your partner’s fault that he/she dumped you in the first place then you start finding out your new partner in order to make your ex feel that he/she did a mistake. A serious one to be precise, partners often date their ex’s close friend as a means to exact revenge on their ex. This is an old custom which is still in the works, it is easy to implement and quite impactful on a soft soul. One could also call it the ex revenge starter pack!

  • Nasty business

Sometimes the intentions aren’t that much darker as the outcomes become. Partners often seek physical assistance in getting over their hard times. This leads to the establishment of a rebound relationship between the old and a new partner. While the new partner engages in with the old partner in some physical foreplay, the old partner, on the other hand, uses the new partner as a toy to bring in some relief. Now, this is possibly the dirtiest of all deeds, it brings an internal shame to the one who was using the new partner as a slave. But the question still looms and it should be asked by the old partner to him/herself, are rebound relationships good?

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  • Vulnerability

After a serious breakup, a psychological imbalance is a natural thing but at the same time it should be kept in mind that one shouldn’t be so down that he/she should start testing his/her abilities as a good partner. Participants should try to understand the situation and work with patients. But it isn’t easier said than done and that’s why some people tend towards finding new partners just in order to prove themselves that yes they were right all along and there is nothing wrong with their personality. This vulnerability is dangerous as it harms both the genders equally. Even then one must ask this to either him/herself can a rebound relationship work?

Life has a habit of throwing you off the cliff even if you were just standing there to take a look at the scenery. Relationships are created on the very basic fundamental pillars of trust. If you trust your partner then things have to be right no matter what. Rebound relationships might seem to be the ideal thing to do when you’re deranged and vulnerable but remember, even with this painkiller by your side you will get nothing but pain and despair in the end.



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