Tips On How To Avoid Getting Into A Rebound Relationship

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So now you’re on the brink of psychological collapse. All those years of love and faith have vanished into a deep and dark void. Life all of a sudden takes such a drastic u-turn that you never get to know what just happened until it happens. We as humans have a tendency to trust other beings of our kind. But sometimes this trust morphs into a vicious poison which tarnishes the bond between people. A breakup is just like that tarnished situation, while you were enjoying your normal day cuddling in the arms of your better half; a moment later your loved one stands miles away from you even though you both might be close for real.

People, when vulnerable try to find ways in order to get away from the situations at hand. Some take the help of a close friend, some take the help of a counsellor, some choose a darker path of intoxication and in some cases, and they straight up kill themselves. Things might be a lot tougher after a breakup, especially in the first few months but eventually, they will fade away. But these things are not relevant for some individuals who opt for a totally peculiar solution to this breakup problem.

Ways to avoid getting into a rebound relationship

  • Eliminate the EX factor:

For getting over a serious breakup you might take some serious steps. The revelations take time to bleed inside your conscience, but when they do, they do help you out pretty well. However, if you’re looking for another partner just in order to soothe the pain of betrayal then just do yourself a favor. Do not mention or even think about the ex in front of your new partner. Remember this as well, things will boil down to pain and agony in the end and that’s not what you wanted in the first place.

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  • Stay away from revenge:

For an instance, you might just be thinking of ways to distract your mind from the horrors you are experiencing at the moment. But at the same time, you are constantly being torn apart by the vicious feelings of the past. It is obvious that pain follows right after a major break up but that doesn’t mean that you have to become evil in order to channel that pain somewhere else. Everyone has their set of reasons and that should be respected. You might think of getting into a rebound relationship in order to have the last laugh at your ex but please don’t do that. It makes you no different than the one who betrayed you or left you in the middle of nowhere. Just walk away and think of something else.

  • That unsuppressed hunger:

You might have had your fair share of intimate moments with your ex but getting them all back or living it all again after a break up is near to impossible. If you are having that same craving even after you have been banished from the life of your previous partner then do not venture out to get rid of that hunger by hooking up with someone else. You’ll just disrespect your own self-esteem as well as the honor of your unsuspecting prey. It is not a good thing at all.

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  • Wooing the injuring past:

The impact of wooing the history is to get knowledge about whether the person is ready for the new relationship or not. From this, the two persons come to know more closely about each other. Often, it is not the right decision to question somebody’s past as this might hurt their sentiments. Though, after having the past knowledge you cannot get the entire surety for coming into a relationship. These conditions just gauge the person’s pattern. It bestows the situations of getting over a rebound relationship. The questions such as; How did it all end? How long did the past relationship last for? And what was the feeling at the end? The smart choices of the questions give former the complete deadly terms that he or she can follow. It perceives that whether he or she wants emotional support or is willing for a new relationship.

  • Close the doors of the heart:

If the person is still fighting an internal war over an ex, the former person should know the signal that what the person wants. Do not open the door of your life until the person has an offer for you. Can a rebound relationship work here? The indecisions that are floating because of the past love make the person come in and out of your life. Avoid such types of reasons. This ignoring and avoiding lead to either commitment or denial.

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  • Be friend-zoned and occupy the broken part of the heart:

The person who is still not over with the past relationship and is talking about his or her ex whenever you meet. Act to him or her as a therapist. The best friend in such situations is needed to shoulder upon. The brooded thought that worms up your mind are easily resolved by talking to a friend. This emotional support at times gives the symptoms of commitment. As a friend, you can occupy a good portion of his or her heart. Does rebound relationship work? They can and they cannot, it depends! The main reason is listening to your friend can avoid you to be rebound again and again.

While you might want to get rid of all the facts and figures and this life as well but remember, life is given to you as a precious gift of nature. Live it to the fullest because you never know what stands behind the door which you’re about to open. But if you’re already into a rebound relationship then do keep this thing in mind as well, getting over a rebound relationship will give you the same amount of torment which you had been receiving before. So keep your thoughts clear and devoid of any harsh actions, it will take time for your scars to heal but eventually, they will.



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