7 Tips on How to Stop Thinking About Your Crush

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7 Prompts to Get Your Crush Out of Your Head

Love is not only romance and roses. It often hurts. Anyone, who passed through the breakup at least once, knows that’s it is usually not an easy task to stop thinking about ex. Sometimes you might even wonder, if it’s really possible to get your crush out of your head. In case your ex is the first, who you are thinking about when you wake up and the last one, who you are dreaming about before going to sleep, we still have a few tips for you.

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If you desperately want to stop thinking of him or her, here is the solution

1. Create a busy schedule. The first thing you need to stop thinking about someone is lack of time. Make your schedule as busy as possible: go in for sports, visit courses, study foreign language in groups and just do anything to make your brain work hard. Furthermore, if you are incredibly tired after the busy day, you just fall asleep fast and don’t dreaming till 2 a.m. about your ex. Not to mention, spending your time with your friends is not the best option to make up your mind: you might be talking about him or her with your friend for hours.

2. Avoid watching dramas, soap operas and movies about love. All these movies will make you miss your crash, memorize some pleasant moments, remember about your awesome time together and … will just make you crying in your sheets. To stop thinking of your crush, don’t torture yourself.

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3. Accept your condition. Although it is easier said than done, this step is the most important one to get your beloved out of your head. Don’t blame yourself; stop imaging the possible solutions of might had happened in the past. Done and done!

4. Find your new crush. This might work, but might not. This depends on how deep your feelings were and how sensitive you are as a whole. However, falling in love again (or just becoming a fan of any pop star) can really make wonders.

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5. Avoid trying to meet your crush, stop looking for him or her in social media and read all his or her posts and shares, investigating if they are still thinking about you. If you really broke up with no chance to reunite, so why do you waste your time, diving into your past?

6. Focus in your crush’s drawbacks. Your ex was not a perfect person. If you can’t stop thinking about someone, try to see him or her from the negative side. Focusing on imperfections will make you think you were dating not the best person in the universe.

7. Have patience. If you want to get through this tough period, you will definitely need some time for your revitalization. Don’t expect immediate relief or look for a magic way to stop thinking about ex. Just live your life on full, meet new people and look for the new incredibly positive moments!



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