Ex-boyfriend misses me: 7 signs you ex wants you back

Ex-boyfriend misses me

Ex-boyfriend misses me: 7 Signs he is still in love with you

Breaking up the relationship is always challenging. Moreover, it often makes at least one of the partners feel pain and sorrow. Although you might have already coped with your passion, your ex crush might still want you back. “Is my ex-boyfriend misses me?” “What are the main signs he wants to resume the relationship?” The answers to these questions and much more below!

7 Signs your ex-boyfriend still loves you:

1. He is still calling you. If your ex is calling and texting you too often just to hear your voice and breathing, he might be still in you. Although it might be really hard, avoid having too long talks with your ex.

2. He is not dating with anyone for a long time. If your boyfriend still cannot find a new crush, he might miss you. However, he just might not be ready to open his heart to anyone. Nothing personal here.

3. He is having sex with numerous girlfriends. Your former love might demonstrate careless behavior in case he wants to hide his pain. His pain for you.

4. You suddenly meet him everywhere. If you often meet your ex in the uncommon places, which he would hardly visit earlier, he might be looking for you. In case you see him at your favorite night club, while he hates night life, your ex beloved still loves you.

5. He hasn’t changed his status in social media. If his is still “in relationship”, while you’ve broken up a couple of months before, he might want you back. Be careful: in some cases, your ex can find another crush too quickly and is not changing his status for his new passion.

6. He often asks your friends about you. If he is still interested in your life, it’s not just a common curiosity: you are not out of his picture.

7. He is talking about your feelings. What mistakes did he make in building your relationship? How could break up such an awesome couple? Wasn’t it great to have a holiday together? If your former boyfriend is still asking dozens of questions about your feelings, memories and emotions, he is trying to get back to your heart.

All in all, if you don’t want to revitalize your relationship, avoid trying to make friends with your ex, since he might really think you just want back. Just leave him alone and live your own life with almost no contacts with your ex. This way, you won’t hurt him even more.



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