Friends with My Ex Boyfriend: Do You Really Need Such a Friendship


Friends with My Ex Boyfriend: How to Become Friends and Don’t Hurt Anyone.

So, you’ve broken up. Your relationship ended and you still wondering, where to fit ex boyfriend into your life? What about becoming really good friends? Friends with my ex boyfriend: tips and tricks or in which cases can you become just friends with your ex?

Hold on to Him as Just a Friend If…

  • You don’t feel any attraction to your ex. You won’t share bedroom with him even of you had a night of drinking.
  • Your relationship looked like brother-and-sister even when you were dating.
  • You are not jealous. If you don’t really matter your ex is going to date with one of your mates, it’s a sign that all your passion had faded away.

My Ex Boyfriend

  • He is a good friend. Your ex-boyfriend is always ready to help and don’t expect any sexual chemistry from your side.
  • Your romance had disappeared and both of you are ready for the new relationship with someone else.
  • He does not really love you.

Friends with my ex boyfriend: How to Become Real Friends with Your Ex?

First of all, make sure you’ve definitely put a full stop of your relationship. If any of you still want to resume deep feelings, it’s a bad idea to become friends. Either get on together or break up forever.

Secondly, make a small break. You cannot move from hot sex to the classical friendship in a couple of days. Just spend a little bit time apart and give some rest to your hearts.

Thirdly, don’t be too persistent. Just text or call your ex and test him gently. If his feelings are alive, don’t hurt him with your friendship proposals.

Fourthly, if you both are ready to elevate your relationship to the new level, start cautiously. Spend little to no time together and make your hang outs modest. A simple visit to museum or going to the beach might be a good start. Avoid doing anything that looks like a date.

Friends with my ex boyfriend

Fifthly, tell the truth. Discuss the future of your relationship and your desire to become only friends to make everything absolutely clear. Moreover, don’t pretend that nothing had changed.

Not to mention, tell the others that you are now friends only not to miss your real love!

However, don’t worry if your ex-boyfriend is not ready to accept your friendship. Not all the relationship should end the similar way.



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