How to Get Back With Your Ex

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Are you looking for a way to get back together with an ex? You are still in love with your ex?. You felt you need another chance to right your wrongs. You feel he/she is the best you could ever have. Well, you are not alone. Many people have once been in your shoes and were successful in the end. Of course, you must be interested in knowing how they handle theirs.

Essential steps

Understand the reason you broke up in the first place

The first thing to do if you want to get back with your ex is to understand the major situation behind your breakup. You really need to understand what you or your ex did that caused the initial breakup. This is essential so that you can correct and avoid it in the future. There is no point going back to an ex when you are yet to resolve the flaws that caused the initial breakup. Of course, it would be bad if you break again because of the same issue that broke you in the past.

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Don’t be depressed

Breakups sometimes often lead to depression. This will do you no good in this current situation. You may possibly find reasons to read the last texts, follow the last conversation, browse through their pictures, and re-examine the gifts they bought for you. As good as this might be in recalling the past experience, it can also cause depression. Instead, get up and look for another hobby. Ask some of your old friends for a visit or hangout. This fun will help you reduce the stress and depression of the breakup.

Don’t be too desperate

As much as depression and panic will not help you solve the issue with your ex, desperation will not solve it either. Of course, your ex is also human and human beings are easily pissed off with desperation. More so, being desperate means may present you as someone who doesn’t have an alternative. This form of attitude is a big turn off, especially to women.

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Be conscious of your actions

Rush and desperation usually go together. Don’t try to call or text your ex every single time you want, especially when you are moody or drunk. Be calm and allow things to flow naturally. If you are in a situation where you have to see your ex often, be polite and sincere. Greet them as you’d normally do and don’t play any form of silly games.

Get Started

After you have overcome your desperation, politely ask your ex out for a date or visit. Don’t overdo it in a way they will decline. Be yourself as much as possible on the date and don’t mention your past mistakes. Instead, try to make your ex realize how and why you both fell in love. Remind them of the good memories you share together. Bring up the old memories and re-spark the true passion you both felt when you first fell in love.

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Bottom line

Getting back together with your ex requires a systematic and scientific approach. Don’t try to force things or you may end up losing them totally. Don’t act when the memory is still fresh or when they are still feeling the pains of the breakup. Wait for the perfect time and you will definitely have your ex back.



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