Reasons Why Your Ex Wants To Stay Friends After a Breakup

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The reality behind an ex wanting to stay friends after a breakup

People fall in love every single day and fall out of love every day too. New relationships are made every new sunrise and relationships are ended too. Even after losing someone they love with all their heart human nature allows them to be strong and fall in love again. This is completely natural, but there is a new trend going on nowadays in which the ex wants to be friends. We will dig deeper to find out why this trend is common now.

A lot of exes want to stay in touch and remain friends even after a breakup. They don’t want to lose the connection with you because you have been an important part of their life and suddenly ending that romantic connection might be too much for the person to handle. Remaining friends after a breakup sounds absurd to many people and the question of still being friends arises.

Why does my ex wants to be friends?

This question is frequently asked and here are main reasons:

• They don’t want to lose the connection
• Might still care about you
• They are still curious to know what their partner is doing in life
• Still confused and might have emotional feelings and attachment
• Insecurities. Might need time to find an alternative lover while staying friends, so they don’t feel too broken hearted
• Opening up for some specific conversation or objective
• Resource benefits such as sex or money
• The relationship might have gotten boring or never got the spark needed

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There are certainly other cases of exes wanting to stay friends which are getting more common day by day. While wanting to be friends, they have some certain conditions. One common case noted is that ex wants to be friends after no contact.

No-contact time period

The no-contact rule is very simple. It plainly means that after a breakup both the individuals involved in the relationship keep no sort of contact with each other for a certain time period which is pre-decided. This includes:

• No phone calls or messages
• No emails
• No accidental meetings
• No talking over social media
• No stalking

The no-contact rule has a lot of benefits as it can help you in detaching yourself from the partner more quickly but it has been noted that a lot of times ex still wants to be friends with you.

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Dealing with such situation

You never know when you might be facing a similar situation and deciding whether to stay friends and it can be very important for you and your ex as well. If you ever come across such a situation, never panic! Take your time and think about it thoroughly. It is your decision, and whatever seems right to you, depending upon the situation, you should do it. If you think you want the person back and remaining friends might have a chance, you should give it a try. Always remember that it is okay to say no and you can reject the friendship proposal as well.



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