Tips on What to Do When You Are Still in Love With Your Ex

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Breakups are very common in many relationships; many of them break up without any big reasons. It is very common that breakups come mainly from one side of the relationship. Have you ever witnessed a relationship where one person just gets up and call it quits for no reason at all? Well that kind of breakup can be very tough to deal with, in such cases obviously there is one of the partners who might not be prepared of it and it might be hard to let it go, most of them will try as much as they can to fight for their relationship but unfortunately, there might not be any good results from them, someone breaking up with you when you really love them is a very frustrating thing. So what else can you do if the efforts to save it are not working? Moving on becomes the definite option, however, this is not quite simple too and so you will; end up with an ex who you still love but you will always struggle to get over it.

How to Stop Loving Your Ex

1. Keep distance

This is the very first thing you can do, with distance I don’t mean that it should necessarily be a physical distance, it also includes communication, if you see someone send texts, make calls and still sends the emails frequently, they are still in love with ex, to manage this, you will need to give yourself some time with no communication or contact of any kind, getting someone out of mind when you are talking to each other and meeting regularly can be hard to do. If you want to cut the link completely is to temporally put their things on hold, you can as well get a new number and start afresh or even out their contacts on a blacklist so that they cannot access you easily and after you feel you are comfortable, you can return their contacts. This is so important if you want to move on and start new. You can as well ask them to stop contacting you for a while and finally if you are sharing some things, you might find it difficult to cut off and so in such a situation.

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2. Keep away from the laces they are found most of the terms

If you still go to that places you used to go while you were still together, you will probably meet them and this will trigger the memories once again, the best thing is to avoid such places, or maybe you know of her favorites spot they like, it is good that you avoid it. Go ahead and find a new spot to relax and do your things. But what can you do when you meet them? If you happen to bump into your ex, don’t take a different route or pretend you don’t know them, just go ahead and say hi to them but keep the interaction short and flat. Generally, you should keep a distance from your ex and avoid the frustrations that come with bumping into them in some places.

3. Move to a new place

This can cost you a lot but it works very effectively. It will be the best place to avoid bumping into your ex every time. If you love the town, it is not necessary that you move out of the town but you can move just some place far apart from their place. There is also something about the environment, if you change the environment, it can as well change your environment. In this new place, you will be focusing on very different things like getting too knows your neighbors, knowing how to go around the places and where to access important services. And for that reason, you will have no problems of thinking about them every time. This also applies to the workplace, if you are working with your ex in one place, I think it would be better if you went to look for another job or just enquire if you can get transferred.

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4. Get rid of all the reminders

If you are trying to move on and forget completely, you will need to find a way of disposing all the things that will possibly make you remember them, you can start with photos and delete them from your phone and laptop, this is not extreme as many people think of, it is a way that can help you forget about them, semen other things include gifts and other small, things, if they are valuable and you feel throwing them away will be a waste you can give them away as donations just as long as you don’t have access to them.



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