15 Signs of Falling in Love Whether You Like it or Not

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15 Signs of Falling in Love: Your Emotions and Actions.

Every relationship is absolutely different, as well as people usually feel a wide spectrum of emotions when they are falling in love. If you are still not sure, what you feel to your find, our list of 15 signs of falling in love will help you to understand your emotions.

  1. You really miss him. You feelings became much deeper than in the beginning of your relationship.
  2. You text him more. Every little event is the reason to send a message to your boyfriend.
  3. You don’t want to go out always. Spending together an evening with pizza and sweet movie becomes the best option for you.
  4. You are planning the future. Planning your summer vacation together? Probably, the brightest point from our list of 15 signs of falling in love.
  5. He’s on top of your priority list. You’d rather go for a date than hang on with your friends.

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  1. You introduce your boyfriend to your friends and family. No comments here.
  2. You try to understand and accept him. Although you might have different viewpoints on a wide variety of things, you always try to see the light during your disputes.
  3. You are always ready to help. Either he needs some help to prepare for Math exam or to move to another flat, you are glad to help him.
  4. You feel high. You always have a great mood for no particular reason. Even if you have some troubles, you still think you have the best time ever had.

You feel high

  1. You don’t notice other awesome guys. Furthermore, you don’t want to meet any other guy. Even if his name is Brad Pitt.
  2. You constantly talk about him with your friends. He became the major subject of all your discussions with your friends, since you constantly think about your boyfriend.
  3. You almost forgot your ex. You don’t check Facebook page of your ex anymore and don’t even remember his favorite movie.
  4. You often think about him. Moreover, he is the last person, about whom you think before falling asleep.
  5. You are jealous. You are feeling jealous when you think he might be flirting with other girls. Even in case he is only talking to them.
  6. You are afraid to actually accept that you are falling in love.


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