7 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

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7 Reasons Why You Still Can’t Find a Match

There are millions of single people, who are feeling absolutely happy and are just not looking for love. However, if you are reading this article, you are probably one of those, who want to find true love, but fail to even start a new relationship.

Why you are still single?

What barriers prevent you from finding a partner? Here you will find the list of most common reasons that make people stay single.

– You have lack of connections. How opened are you for new people? How often do you usually start conversation? Millions of people suffer from loneliness and just don’t realize that they are closed for the opportunity to find someone. Your daily routine is not likely to bring you the true love. Expand your horizons, get out of your comfort zone, boost your communication skills and visit plenty of new places to obtain new possibilities to meet your beloved.

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– Building a relationship is not your number one priority. If you are focused on studies or you are building a successful career that requires plenty of efforts, you might just not have enough time for dating. Just try to pay more attention to looking for love and take a look around: perhaps, there is someone behind, who really likes you.

– You are too picky. This rule often comes for ladies. If you are looking for someone as handsome as Brad Pitt, as clever as Elon Musk and as rich as Mark Zuckerberg, you might be waiting for years. Although you shouldn’t start dating with everyone who asks you out, try to set up real expectations for your future match.

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– You are dating wrong people. Tired of unsuccessful relationships? Why are you constantly dating Mr. or Ms. Wrong? Meeting wrong people might lead to being alone all the time. Try to change your surrounding: visit new places, go to language courses or do anything to get out of your daily routine. Not to mention, everyday routine, when you do the same things each day, might be another reason for still being single.

– You have low self-esteem. You are shy and absolutely unconfident, so you can’t even approach to someone you like. This way, to find love you will need to fall in love with yourself first. Try to find features and skills that make you special, improve your appearance and go ahead! By the way, there are no perfect people.

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– You are afraid of intimacy. This is a common issue for those, who suffered from violence in the early childhood. This way, start with small things. Try to date with different people, communicate and free to have no physical connections. If you are afraid of intimacy, you’ve probably haven’t found a person who you really like. Believe that you will definitely find a match that will make your heart melt!



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