Why am I Attracted to Unhappy People?

I am Attracted to Unhappy People

Why Am I Attracted to Unhappy People? Here are the answers!

You will be really surprised, but being attracted to unhappy people is a common problem of thousands of people worldwide. ‘Why Am I Attracted to Unhappy People?’ ‘How can I build a healthy relationship?’   ‘How can I cope with this issue?’ The answers to these questions and much more are below.

Dating unhappy people for a couple of times is usually accidental. However, if you feel this issue became a pattern of your behavior, this might be carefully considered. Note: it is usually impossible, to find whether your partner is happy or not at once. Though, it can be discovered in just a couple of weeks of dating. Unhappy individuals usually make too many negative comments, have a low self-esteem and pessimistic expectations, as well as they are often depressed or sad.

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Why are you dating unhappy people?

  • They are better controlled. In case you date someone unhappy, you do not need to compete with this person. Moreover, being in relationship with someone happy, self-confident and attractive can often make you feel stressed.
  • They are less likely to initiate a breakup. Unhappy individuals are usually more passive and indifferent than happy ones. Therefore, they will not look for someone else or cheat. If you had some negative experience with partners, who lied too much, you might be attracted to unhappy people to avoid betrayal.
  • You are unhappy by yourself. People are usually seduced to those, with whom they have much in common. However, if both partners are unhappy, they can hardly help each other to cope with depression and sadness.

How can you cope with this issue? First of all, start with yourself. If you are unhappy, try to find the reasons and ask your friends for help. Spend more time with your loved ones, get some hobby or go in for sports along with sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

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If you are attracted to unhappy people, when you are absolutely confident and happy, just take a small break in dating. You might be easily affected by your former relationship, even if you do not notice that. If you still cannot cope with an issue of dating with toxic or unhappy people, try to look for professional help.



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