How to avoid falling in love too easily?

avoid falling in love too easily

Save yourself from heartbreak: 7 tips on how to avoid falling in love too easily

Starting a relationship is always a tricky territory. Most people fall in love, when they know their partners well enough and feel their respect and support. However, there are few, who fall in love too quickly even when they know it is a wrong person. Here you will find some tips on how to avoid falling in love too easily and save your heart from being broken.

  1. Set certain boundaries. First of all, avoid seeing each other too often and thinking about your crush too much. If you are constantly daydreaming about your new partner, you set down him or her some features that he/she actually do not possess. Therefore, you might create a prince/princess in your imagination, when you are just dating a common dude/girl.king photo
  2. Do not be too friendly. It is a good idea to avoid long conversations with your possible crush. Do not share any intimate details or secrets, since it makes you closer. Not to mention, going friendlier might easily lead to even deeper love.
  3. Do not constantly please your partner. If you do not want to have relationship with that person, learn to say “No”. Eliminate your contacts with the subject of love, no matter how difficult it might be. The less time you spend with him/her, the lower are chances of falling in love.
  4. Focus on his/her drawbacks. Try to think in a negative manner about your possible lover: focus on his/her drawbacks, imperfections and flaws. You can also create a list of reasons why you should avoid setting contacts with that person.
  5. Avoid physical intimacy. Holding hands, hugs and kisses are likely to put you on the cloud nine. However, if you try to avoid falling in love, it will definitely do no good for you.couple kiss men women photo
  6. Find someone else. Does it sound ridiculous? Sometimes it is the only way to save your heart from falling in love with a wrong person. Try to divert your attention, flirt and hang out with someone else. Another option is spending time with your friends (however, make sure your crush will not be among them).
  7. Avoid his/her attention. Flirt and attention of your crush might easily make you feel weak at your knees. Set up the distance and make him/her feel you are not going to establish closer relationship anymore.


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