Big Height Difference Couples: Is it Dramatic?

a tall man and a small woman

Big Height Difference Couples: 10 Struggles You Might Face

Love is miraculous. You might have different viewpoints, hobbies and even relationship expectations, but still really love each other. The same rule goes for significant differences in your appearance: having diverse skin color, height or eye shape usually can’t make your relationship better or worse. However, there are still a few peculiarities you should know before starting to date a guy, who is much taller than you.

a tall man in as shirt with a small woman in purple jeans

10 Common Struggles Of Big Height Difference Couples

1. Kissing and hugging. A simple kiss might become a challenge for your couple. It might be a little bit uncomfortable, since you need either to stand on toes or bend down. Therefore, kissing will now require some additional movements just to reach each other’s lips.

a man hugging a small smiling woman

2. Making selfies. Are you a fan of selfies? Want to take shots with your beloved? Get ready to some failures. Fitting one camera becomes not so easy.

3. People might stare at you. Although couples with significant difference in height look great, some people might find your match unusual. Some people might stare at you, make thumbs up or just smile. The best advice here is not to pay attention to strangers.

4. Your friends and mates might ask you odd questions about your sexual life. What positions do you prefer? Is it convenient to have sex with such a height difference? If you feel uncomfortable talking about those personal issues, prepare a few brief answers beforehand. For example, you might just tell that you have “your special ways”.

5. Holding hands might seem inconvenient. The most common public display of affection might not fit your couple. Just accept it.

6. You can’t wear each other’s clothes. Wearing his T-shirt might make you feel like a little girl. However, it’s still easy to cope with this stuff: you might use a belt or roll up the sleeves for maximum comfort.

7. Some sex positions might become awkward. First of all, 69 is now really challenging: you might not reach out the most important parts of each other’s bodies. The same thing goes for having sex in the shower. First, slippery floor is not the best environment for having sex; second, adjusting the shower for both of you might be also difficult.

8. You can’t share an umbrella with your beloved. Using common umbrella for rainy weather is not a good option for couples with big height difference. Just user another bumbershoot or buy a coat with a hood.

a man and a woman under umbrella

9. Walking at the same pace is really hard. Your tall partner is likely to walk much quicker than you. Get used to be quicker.

10. You might not be taken seriously, when you are angry. In some cases, it’s cute, but in some it’s really annoying.

All in all, dating with a guy, who is much taller than you have some special features. But, who cares about these issues, if you really love each other?



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