Dating a Friend: What Should You Know Before Start

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Dating a Friend: The Secret Truth

Many psychologists prove that dating a mate is the best way to find the true love. If you still wonder, how to start building your relationship and what issues you should know beforehand, this article is right for you. Although dating the best friend might look simple from the first glance, you should discover some peculiarities to make your relationship happy.

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⦁ Start slow. If you fell you are more than friends, but still not dating, try to test the waters. You should discover, whether your feelings are mutual. Flirt might be the best option to find out, whether your mate likes you. It is completely safe and you are not likely to lose your friend in case he or she is not having chemistry to you.

⦁ Make sure you’ve chosen the right person. Do you feel comfortable with your friend? Do you have any common interests, except going to the parties? Some features that are absolutely cool for a mate might become irritating when you start dating.

⦁ Be honest. Feeling safe and stable with your friend is really great, but it’s still not enough for a happy relationship. What about romance and sexual attraction? If you treat your friend like a brother or sister, avoid ruining your friendship.

⦁ Accept the risks. Surely, you have some risks of losing your friend in case you breakup. However, you might lose even more and miss your true love without trying to date with a person you really like.

⦁ Avoid talking about your feelings with other mates. Romance is the matter of you two only. Just hold on for a while before telling the other friends you have started to date.

⦁ Things might be awkward. Although you are starting to date your friend, whom you know perfectly, your first dates, kisses and sex might be awkward. The matter is that you are investigating each other like partners rather than like friends.

⦁ Transition period might be not so quick, as you’ve expected. Creating a romantic partnership from a strong friendship is not an immediate process.

⦁ You might feel jealous. You know your friend perfectly and might be aware of his or her sexual life and personal matters with exes. In other words, you might know even too much. Try to leave all former relationships in the past and move forward.

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Benefits of Dating Your Best Friend

⦁ You know what to expect. You are already aware of all his or her strong points and weaknesses that make creating a healthy relationship much easier.

⦁ Safety. Dating a stranger is always some kind of risk. When it comes to dating a friend, you usually feel absolutely secure.

⦁ You have the hottest foreplay. Holding hands has never been so promising and desirable. If you’ve been waiting to have a kiss for a couple of weeks/months/years, it might be just miraculous!



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