Difference Between Dating and Relationship

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What is a relationship?

The main difference between dating and being in a relationship is that a relationship is a romantic, passionate attachment. When people are in a relationship, they already have feelings for one another. They already spent the dating period figuring out who they are and what things they have in common. They are now at the point that they really want to spend their lives together and they want to find a great, creative way to achieve something like that.

Once you are in a relationship, your focus is to make that relationship work. You need to push the boundaries and you must try to find new ways to eliminate any fears. Now you basically have something to fight for so you really have to be committed to the situation and fight for your love. It’s not an easy thing to achieve for sure, but it’s one you need to focus on right away.

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What is dating?

When you ask what is the difference between dating and relationship, you will notice that dating is more light-hearted. Dating is basically an activity that you do with someone that you plan on having a relationship with later on. This is not always very serious, some people are dating just to find people and enjoy sexual experiences. But usually, when you are dating you are focused on finding a romantic experience that works for you and move into the next level for that relationship.

Does it matter?

Yes, it matters because the way you approach this dating and relationship difference will showcase what you feel and what you want from this entire process. When you are dating you can still try and date multiple people at once. And you’re not entirely sure that person is the one you love. On the other hand, once you enter a relationship you are committed to loving that person and you work hard to keep them happy. While the dating experience can be less serious most of the time, once you enter a relationship you are fully committed.

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So yes, a relationship is a lot more serious than dating. It’s basically the final level before marriage. So it’s extremely important to understand what you are getting into here. You need to understand your feelings and actively figure out the situation and what really happens. As long as you understand that and focus on results things will be more than ok. Is it possible to date and also have a relationship? It’s unfair towards the person you are in a relationship with, but some people still do it. However, once you enter a relationship, you really need to be committed to it and as you do that, the payoff will be second to none!



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