Difference Between Romantic Love and Affection

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Love is basically a very wide variety of emotions; among these emotions you will find aspects like affection attraction, caring among very many others. Love always projects the positivity of a person, if the person is caring and very warm, they can be said to love. Love can exist in different types depending on where it is being directed. Romantic love is one type of love which normally exists between two partners; it is more passionate and has a very strong sexual component that comes with it. Romance normally comes at the beginning of the relationship, however, with time it fades out as people get used to each other more. Another component of love is affection, this is more than just sexual oriented, and it is much into caring and concern to the other party.

The Differences Can Be Seen in Next Terms:

1. Definition

The very first difference we can start it is by defining these two components of love. Affection is a deep feeling of caring liking and even fondness; it does not contain any feelings of passion and romance, it is a feeling that comes from deep inside and it is not characterized by superficial or external things, it is however communicated through eternal features like touches, hugs, kiss on the forehead among many others. This component exists between lovers too, but it normally manifests itself after romance. On the other hand, romance is a deep passionate feeling which gives an external expression of the thoughts and feelings; it is normally the beginning point of falling in love although it doesn’t really stay for a longer time.

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2. The timing

There is a very big difference that appears between these two components of love in terms of timing when people fall in love for the very first time, all that will be seen is romance, this is normally that time when they are dating, it is normally characterized by strong sexual feelings towards each other. This is the highest time in love where the partners are strongly attracted to each other. On the other hand, when it comes to affection, it is normally manifested after some time, that is immediately after the romance is over, unlike romance, this is characterized by a strong deep feeling of caring and makes a very strong bond that is based on respect.

3. Intensity

Another difference between these components is how intense they can go, when we start with romance, you will realize that it is very superficial or external, this component doesn’t really have a deep connect it is just the external expressions of the thoughts and feelings, this is because it is characterized with mostly outward things, you will find things like physical touch, gifts, and language that is used by the two lovers, it is not really concerned with a deep inner feeling of one another. On the other hand, affection is not really concerned about the superficial characteristics it is also called internal because it reveals what is beneath the surface like deep caring which comes from deep inside, it is not dependant on any rewards.

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4. Passion

Another very big thing that distinguishes between these two components of love is a passion, starting with romance; you will realize that it is very passionate, all the characteristics that characterize romance are all about passion, the feelings are very hyper which mostly will result to strong sexual feeling. When you make a comparison with affection, you will; notice that affection doesn’t have any passionate or romantic feeling, it is a feeling which mainly comes out of fondness which then create very deep connection characterized by a deep feeling of caring, it can be even to anybody who you might not be loving but you just feel like you care a lot.

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5. Long-lasting

When you consider how long the two components of love can last you will realize that there is a very big difference, when it comes to romance, it can be really short-lived, and it normally comes at the start of a love story, however, it can’t hold on for a long time, normally when people stay together for long the romance translates into affection, the passionate characteristics fade away within a very short time. When you make a comparison with affection, you will realize that affection takes time to develop, however, once it develops, it really stays for a long time, and the aspects of caring, concern, and liking cannot fade away like passion, this makes affection long-lived.

In conclusion, there is always confusion between romantic love and affection. Romance is really based on love and attraction, there is no realm deep connect that can even do without love, unlike affection which can even work without love; this is because it is based on the deep connection that is characterized by caring liking and concern. Finally, these two aspects of love are both very important to have affection is very important in dealing with people generally and helping them out whether they are of your family or not while romance is very important for your relationship, it brings a lot of passion and rejuvenates love again in a relationship.



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