Do Guys Fall In Love Faster Than Women?

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Guys or Ladies?

Generally speaking, one of the two individuals have to fall in love first, either the guy or the lady. It is rather unlikely or uncommon that both individuals will fall in love with each other at the same time. So do guys fall in love faster? Or are women the first ones to hop on the train and get into a relationship spirit.

Studies have shown that generally speaking, men tend to fall in love faster than most women do and even confess their affections ahead of women. While ladies are generally considered as the lovebirds and ones to fall in love first, this is a misconception as guys fall in love faster than women do.

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Generalized Misconceptions

When it comes to gender, there are usually a lot of generalized misconceptions and fallacies, people tend to believe what society dictates and this should not be the case. Most people tend to believe that the man has less emotional ties and it is probably harder for them to fall in love or develop feelings for a lady, in most cases, this is flat out wrong as men usually develop feelings before women do.

The study on who falls in love faster between men and women has helped to debunk age long myths about who in a relationship is more emotional or frivolous, it indicates that in most cases, it is not usually the man that falls in love first but rather the man tends to get in love before the woman.

While it is well established by research that most men tend to fall in love faster than women do, it is also normal to want to know why men fall in love faster than women. Listed below are some of the reasons a man may fall in love faster than a woman would.

Men Are Simply Emotional

Yes, this is one that most people don’t hear very often, contrary to popular opinion, men tend to be more emotional when feelings are involved and especially in relationships. They are usually quicker to blurt out their feelings or love and affection for the ladies they want to have a relationship with or are having a relationship with.

Even though societal norms may dictate that men should be strong, resilient and hardy, a man can only really enjoy his life by having a deeply meaningful relationship at one point or the other. For this reason, men tend to jump on the wagon faster than women do.

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Women Are More Cautious About They Fall in Love With

According to research, it was indicated that women have an evolutionary tendency to be much more cautious about who they get with or fall in love with. This implies that most women would rather not fall in love with the wrong person and this makes them take a long time in considering whether to open up to a man or not.

Reproductively speaking, women have a lot to consider when getting with a man, as this man may be the one to father their unborn child or perhaps determine the traits of the child. For this reason, women like to carefully consider the stakes in choosing a man or falling in love with him.

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Natural Instincts

Studies have indicated that men would fall in love faster than women as a way of claiming territory and finding a mate, biologically speaking, the drive for a man to find a bond is greater than that of the woman, as women tend to be more interested in a stable and committed relationship, which makes them take their time in picking someone.

What this implies, in essence, is that men are less inclined to consider the consequences of falling in love with the wrong person, while women have a tendency to carefully consider getting the right man rather than a meaning-less partnership. This essentially translates into a man falling in love faster.


While it is possible to assume that women may fall in love faster than men, this is generally not true, as research conducted on both men and women has shown that, men can be more emotionally frivolous and will easily blurt out their feelings for a woman before she does.

The main reason a woman would take longer to fall in love with a woman is that they are more cautious and like to focus their love adequately than most men do.



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