Feeling ignored? What to do when he ignores you?

Feeling ignored

Feeling ignored? What to do when he ignores you? How to save you heart?

A healthy relationship often seems to be something incredible. Every couple often goes through different tough periods and even breakups. How can you know that your crush truly loves you? What if you feeling ignored? What to do when he ignores you? First of all, let’s discover the reasons for ignoring. And then we will choose the correct tactics how to behave, when you are really ignored.

Why is he ignoring you? The most common reasons

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  • He has lost interest in you.
  • He is not looking for a long-term relationship and treats your feelings lightly.
  • You have just misunderstood his actions (however, in case your crush is ignoring you constantly, do not fool yourself: he might got bored or have found someone else).
  • Wrong expectations. You may think he is ignoring you, when he calls you less than 4 times per day, while he thinks one call is absolutely enough).
  • Cheating. He might be cheating on his girlfriend or wife with you; that is why he constantly makes a “poker face” on public.
  • He needs more space. In case you become too overwhelming, your boyfriend might just need a little bit more freedom.
  • He does not care. This way, a guy is not ignoring you on purpose: he is not just into you at all.

Feeling ignored? What to do when he ignores you?

  • Simple talk with your boyfriend will easily clarify the situation. However, avoid arguing or crying: these tricks never work!
  • Avoid begging. Although you might feel helpless or broken, do not beg or plead him! This technique might only make him angry or disappointed, but you will not get him back. Always respect yourself.

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  • Keep yourself busy. If you feel hurt and helpless, create a schedule, full of different kinds of activities to occupy your mind.
  • Ignore him. Do not try to stay in touch with your crush. Make your crush feel you are absolutely happy even without being in relationship with him.
  • Spend more time with friends. First, hanging out with friends is much better than crying at home. Second, you might find someone, who will really value and take care of you.
  • Check up you progress. With these tips, you will think less about him each day. However, do not expect immediate results: some time should pass before you will feel you are completely ready for a new relationship.


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