First Signs of Attraction

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Flirting is fun, and most people described it as the most fun stage in a relationship. However, during this stage, you are usually always eclipsed with worry whether you have read the signs correctly or not. Reading whether someone is truly attracted to you or not can be very difficult. It is different from each sex, and there are some gestures that can implicate a double meaning. While women tend to mix a lot of body gestures, men than to be very upfront.

Underneath Are the Signs if Someone is Attracted to You

1. Personal questions

When you are just getting to know someone, and if you have just met someone, then they generally will not want to ask personal questions. People tend to avoid asking about personal questions because they tend to be very private and not everyone would feel comfortable being as such a question.

If someone likes you, then they will ask a lot of personal questions to get to know you better as a person. They would be asking about your dating history, your current dating scene, your likes, and dislikes.

Aside from asking personal questions, another sign of a person that is attracted to you is them hinting that they are single. There is a common taboo on both male or female where they tend to pry away from those who are in a relationship. It is a very natural thing that if someone is attracted to you, then would start hinting you in the most subtle manner about them being single.

2. Body language

This might be the most difficult sign to interpret because there is much meaning that you can get. However, there are some common ones as well that both males or females would show you if they are attracted to you.

The most common one is sustained eye contact. Both males and females do this if they are attracted to someone. Eyes are the windows to the soul and this remains true in most of the human’s history. However, this might be highly dependable on the culture of each country. There are countries where it is a taboo or not as usual to have eye contact with someone.

Most females are also not really comfortable with being caught ogling someone. If you are a guy and you catch a female looking at you only to look away when you look back, then it might be a good sign that she is attracted to you.

Another body language that can be interpreted as them being attracted is touched. People tend to touch those whom they are feeling attracted to. However, it is important thing that you should know that these touches are harmful, and then to be short. If the touches are lingering and they are usually good and a fleeting sign that person is attracted to you.

3. Laughs

If we like someone, we would normally laugh and smile a lot. This is just natural. Human usually channels their pleasure and their feeling by laughing. Someone that is attracted to you is going to laugh to show that they are happy, positive and that they are enjoying your presence. The most important message that they are trying to convey is that they are interested in. Even tho it is a lame joke, or whether it is just some side snippet that you made, then there is a high probability that he or she truly likes you.

However, you should look back to the personality of that person as well. There are some people who are naturally always happy and always laugh a lot. Around these type of people, laughing might be a very common gesture.

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4. Compliments

This is the simplest way that people who are attracted to you would do. If someone likes you, then they would always find a reason to pay you a compliment. This compliment might come in smaller things such as the way you dress, or even the way you put your make up.
Another reason that a compliment can be a way to show that someone is attracted to you is that when you are attracted to someone, you would be naturally drawn to take in every detail of that person.

5. Interruptions

A sign that someone is truly attracted to you is that they would not let anyone or anything interrupt your conversation. Their phone might be buzzing, or they might be getting text messages. They are trying to show you that they value their time with you by paying their utmost attention to you and your time.

If we like someone, we would want to spend more and more time with them. This is the reason why that a person who is attracted to you will also drag the conversation longer. They are simply immersed and hooked up with whatever your conversation topic.

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We all are different

You need to remember that not everyone is the same. While the actions above accurately describe what a person would normally do, there are always some anomalies that would not show those signs.

There are also people who are naturally shy. If that person is shy, then it might not be as easy for you to guess what are their intentions and whether they are attracted to you. The easiest person to guess are actually people who are in touch with their emotion and are very open with it.

There are also people who tend to not show any emotion, or who are poker-faced. It would be very difficult for you to guess whether these types of people are interested in you or not. The most important thing to remember is that you have to keep being yourself no matter what.



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