The Forehead Kiss: What Does It Really Mean? What Should You Do When He Kisses Your Forehead?

What Should You Do When He Kisses Your Forehead

The Forehead Kiss: What Does It Really Mean? The Secret Truth

There are dozens of different kisses, where each kiss has its secret meaning. Everything is usually clear, when it comes to cheek and lips kisses. But what about a forehead kiss? What is its secret truth? Is this a sign of true love? The Forehead Kiss: What Does It Really Mean? Let’s get the answers!
– Your guy is much taller than you. This way, he is just feeling more comfortable to kiss your forehead rather than lips. It might be funny, but it’s one of the simplest reasons of forehead kissing for tall guys.
– He is not sure you like kissing your lips. In case you get a forehead kiss on the first date, it might be a sign a guy wants to kiss your lips, but still hesitate, whether you’ll accept it. The forehead seems the safest place before he gets to your lips.
– He takes care of you. Not to mention, you might be just friends. If your friend kisses your forehead from time to time, he values your friendship and takes care of you. This guy might not actually love you, but needs you as a great friend and soul mate.

meaning of a forehead kiss

– He just likes it. Everyone has their own favorite type of kiss. Someone prefers cheeks, but there are plenty of guys, who prefer kissing a forehead. That’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, since forehead kiss is one of the signs he really loves you.
– He is protective to you. A guy might feel deep affection and might be ready to do everything to protect you. One of the strongest signs of kissing a forehead and holding you tight, when you are alone is being protective.

common sign of forehead kiss is a true love

– Lack of sexual chemistry. In case you relationship comes through the tough period, the forehead kiss might reflect the problems of your couple. If your relationship moved to platonic territory, the forehead kiss might reflect that your partner still cares, but doesn’t love you anymore.
– He loves you. Forehead kiss is special. It usually means deep feelings, support and care. The most common sign of forehead kiss is a true love. Your partner respects you and stand for you, no matter what.

All in all, listen to your gut, when it comes to forehead kisses. Or talk to your partner to find out the true meaning of such kisses!



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