Friendship or Romance?

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Can friendship turn into romance?

This is a very good question, but results will differ from one person to the other. And there’s a reason behind that. Romance has lots of difference layers. It can start with respect, and as time passes by it can easily become an obsession. There’s definitely the possibility that friendship can become romance in the long run. But that means both of you need to have the same feelings and you have to share them with one another. Is it possible to do that? Absolutely, and having a friendship turn to romance is extremely interesting.

However, this doesn’t happen most of the time. The difference between friend love and romantic love is that friend love will last for a long time and it’s quite powerful. But it doesn’t involve the feeling of lust, the desire of having sex with that person.

Some men have this desire and want to take it further, but women tend to be the ones that shut them down. Which is not exactly a major problem, because you can easily find the right person for you in the end. But it definitely feels like a missed opportunity in the end.

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Can you spot the difference between romance and friendship?

Friendship will always be focused on a connection between the two persons. Friendships tend to last for a very long time, and they can appear between people that are super different from one another. In the end having friends and just enjoying life is extremely important. Plus, friends are those persons that you can actively rely on and which always give you the support and help that you might need.

What about romance? Usually romance involves strong feelings, lust, attraction and sexual desire. That’s the main difference between romance and friendship, usually friendships are all about helping one another and they don’t bring in front any sexual content or anything around those lines. When you have a romantic relationship, you have deep feelings to that person.

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Is it possible to be friends and also have a romantic relationship? Of course, these things happen all the time. However, you can’t expect your friends to become romantically involved with you. Just because they are great persons and you like them a lot, that doesn’t mean feelings will be mutual all the time.

The best thing that you can do is to focus on having fun and respecting friends as well as lovers. In the end though, you are the one that will have to choose what type of relationship you want to keep. Whether you want a simpler one or something more complex, it’s certainly up to you. But either way, it’s important to understand what you want and once you do that, results can be amazing and your relationships will thrive!



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