The Great Benefits of Dating: Why Dating Over 40 Is Like a Box of Chocolates?

dating over 40

Why Dating Over 40 Is Like a Box of Chocolates? What Kinds of People Are You going to Date?

You’ve probably seen numerous chocolate hearts with different fillings, available at most stores. You can easily choose any feeling you like; from sweet caramel to nuts, coconut and marshmallow. Your favorite one might differ from the others. What do we mean? Meeting new people is like choosing chocolate with different fillings from the box: people are as varied, as these sweet candies. Why dating over 40 is like a box of chocolates? Find out five most common types of people you are likely to meet while dating?

chocolate hearts

– The marshmallow. These people seem to be easy-going, communicative and really sweet. However, they might soon appear to be sticky and really impossible to get rid of.
– The nutty chocolate. This type of guys and ladies seem to be smooth outside. But, when you know them better, they will amaze you with a great variety of ideas, plans and goals. Not to mention, they always remain to be active and adventurous.
– The nougat. These partners are not so sweet and smooth like others, but they still have a number of admirers. They are usually complex, with their own particular views and preferences. However, they are still “delicious” and attract others with their uniqueness.
– The caramel. This kind of people is usually amazing. You just can’t wait for the next date… But, these men and women might sometimes appear to be messy.

Meeting new people is like choosing chocolate

– The chocolate with surprise. You never know, what filling you will get before trying it. You take a bite and suddenly find out that you really like it! The person of that kind can easily become your soul mate and true love.
All in all, you are likely to try all kinds of chocolate before choosing your favorite one. Try to stay positive and enjoy tasting all delicious flavors before you find the best one for you.



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