How Long Does it Take to Fall in Love?

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What is falling in love?

Love is hard to define. However, it all comes down to feeling. If you feel a strong attraction both from a psychological and physical standpoint for a person, then you are starting to fall in love most likely. The same thing happens when you feel that your heart skips a beat. You have a very strong connection to that person, and that’s why you need to do all you can to show your love.

Is love at first sight possible?

As we mentioned earlier, the average time to fall in love differs. That’s because people are very different. Some people fall in love months after they worked together. Others just see each other for the first time and immediately fall in love. It all comes down to how strong you feel about that person and whether they are sharing those feelings with you or not. That’s a deciding factor in this type of relationship. But it does come with its fair share of benefits if you tackle everything the right way and adapt this to your own needs.

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Signs of falling in love

The first one is that you can’t really stop thinking about that person. You miss that person when you are away from them. And you genuinely enjoy the time when they are together with you, which is always a great experience to be had. In fact, one of the main signs of falling in love is that you are feeling safe around that person and you are willing to make sacrifices just to be with him/her. The same thing happens when you just enjoy the little things such as going shopping, decorating the tree and so on. When you’re in love you like everything about that person, and even if you don’t like something you learn to accept it or live with it. That’s definitely true love right there.

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In the end, it’s very important to understand there’s no metric that will help show how long to fall in love or anything like that. Someone can fall in love in an instant, others will take many months. And that’s ok, because you should never rush love. Make it natural, interesting and in the end that will help you immensely. You just want to find true love, so the average time to fall in love doesn’t really matter. What matters is the connection you made with that person and whether it’s a genuine one or not!



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