How to Ask For a Second Chance


When it comes to relationships, sometimes it is best to put your pride in your pocket and ask for a second chance. Maybe you just were not ready the first time around and this time all is different. You might just find that they feel the same way. In this article, we will explore the best methods of getting that second chance at love.

Show Independence

What is attractive is independence. Knowing that you are happy whole worthy and complete on your own. So break away from the constant back and forth texting with your ex Desperation is not sexy and it isn’t a way to get what you want. Instead of the ditch the phone and go hang out with the girls or guys and just have fun.

Get Comfy in Your Feels Like a Hoody

Take this time for you! Reignite your passions yes you want the second chance but do you want it so much that you willing to give yourself anxiety over it is any one person on this planet worth that added stress. The simple answer is no. Develop yourself as a person first. Discover why you want this second chance and does it even fit into your schedule? Know your worth before you give it away to another. Knowing how you feel is one of the best approaches as this also sets the bar for your expectations. You need to be clear and concise with her about your wants and needs and try to get her on the same level as you as it will be easier to get your desired result if you are.

Get the Stuff Out

Talk its that simple, ask your ex out to dinner and then talk about what went wrong in the first place. See if you are now on the same page and that you both are ready to embark on this second chance journey. Create a safe space so that all your fears and past feelings can come up. No anger or judgment should be involved. You may find out that you broke up for silly reasons. That you are both ready to rekindle after you have gotten all the stuff out! This will be challenging for you both. Lots of icky stuck ids going to come up. The best approach is to let it be. We die from words left unsaid so let her speak her truth and be prepared to be hurt by it.

Be Open

Show your ex your true intentions. Discuss with them why you want the second chance and why you feel it will be different this time. Be straightforward with them. If they are sitting across from you chances are they are ready to give you that second chance. Be prepared to hear some stuff you may not like but know that it is your ex clearing the air to start anew. This does not mean be mean to each other or rude. Just state your facts where you think the relationship began to fail and how you would prevent that from happening now. Be honest about what you have learned during your time away and also why you want to rekindle the relationship.

Be Sincere

Tell your ex exactly why you did what you did. Answer any of her questions even the painful ones. Be honest about what your expectations are. She may feel the same. Relationships are tricky at the best of times try to not put too much pressure on the situation. It will unfold as it must. When you too sit down compliment her, Make light conversation. Don’t just barrel in with demands and your expectations. You are going to need to woo her all over again especially if your past transgressions were particularly heinous. Try and get a sense of where she is at in her life before you try and insert yourself back into the picture. Just understand that she has a life now that does not involve you so she may not be open to the idea of coupling up. Make sure that you are in charge of your happiness first that you hold the key. Do not peg all your hopes and dreams on this one outcome instead know that nothing truly ends forever that the only finite truth is death.

Leave Things Open

If you find yourself staring at her and after you have done your best to show her you mean what you say and she still has not given you the green light. Then just leave things open! Thank her for her time and make sure you mean it. Tell her you still love and miss her but you will respect her decision to keep things how they are. Don; ‘t leave immediately have another drink and just talk. Now that all the heavy stuff is out of the way you can both relax. Get to know her again and allow her to do the same. Have no expectations of one another just laugh and enjoy their company. Laugh about the good old times and enjoy a well deserved night out.



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