How to Know If Your Breakup Was a Mistake

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Realizing whether your breakup was a mistake or not

Whether you have stayed with your partner for some months or perhaps years, breakups always hurt. They leave you lonely and in despair. Sometimes separating yourself from your partner might be a good decision while at times it may not prove to be advantageous.

If you have a long-term feeling of regret and loneliness, you might have made a mistake. If you find yourself stuck in a similar situation, you might want to look back onto your relationship and figure out if something went wrong. There are always signs indicating that your breakup was a mistake. You only have to look for it.

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Signs your breakup was a mistake

• You keep stalking your ex.
Regardless of how you think you feel about your ex, if you stalk them over social media and keep a check on what they’re up to, you surely have feelings for them.

• You try to make them jealous.
Trying to keep your ex jealous is another sign that your breakup might have been a mistake. Trying to make your ex jealous can be a way of masking your feelings that you still have.

• You compare them.
To every new person you meet of the opposite gender if you compare them to your ex, it indicates a subconscious attachment. Comparing your ex means that you have set a standard for yourself and that your ex might have been the best match for you.

• You can’t stop thinking about them.
One of the signs of your breakup was a mistake that you cannot get your ex out of your head. You keep thinking of them, bring them up in conversations and think about them when alone.

If you haven’t broken up yet, and you are confused about whether to break up or not, here are some signs you shouldn’t break up.

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You shouldn’t break up

If you and your partner keep arguing and talk about breaking up a lot but in the end keep falling back to each other, it might be a sign for you not to break up.

• You argue, but still stay together
• Try to keep each other jealous
• Over possessiveness can be a sign of love also
• Your problems are fixable
• You are miserable without each other

All these are indications to why you should not break up with your partner and signs why you shouldn’t end your relationship. Even if things are going bad, talking sorts out everything. Try to talk your problems out. Communicate better, and you would see a massive change in your relationship.

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What you should do

If you cannot live without your partner and your life is miserable, it is one of the signs your break up was a mistake and why you should not have separated. If you think you can work things out, you definitely should give it a try. Try talking to your partner and solving your issues. Hopefully, you will not regret it.



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