Is It Necessary to Be in Love?

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Love is pride in many people’s life. The feeling of having someone just for you is just the above words. Only people who have felt this truly can understand the depth of these words. But at the same time, not everyone gets to live the same way. Any relationship will always ups and downs. Like we said there should be a graph of ups and downs. Only ups will make you feel bored and only downs will make you feel miserable. This heartbreaking experience is the reason for people to think about why is love important in society.

What is love?

Like it is said live in unconditional. It just flows through you. This is just not being poetic but even scientifically that’s how love is known. It is all about the sudden rush of blood throughout your body. When a person is in love, their mind can’t think of anything else but their partners. They spend sleepless nights and also have a loss of appetite. This happens to almost everyone. You become so anxious to meet each other. That’s why love is beautiful.

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Reciprocate love

But there are certain things that make your relationship to end soon. Without understanding the role of love in life, one cannot succeed in love. Love cannot expect anything in return but just the same love and care. It’s all about reciprocation. Love cannot proceed in a one-way direction. Love that is not expressed cannot be love. When you are in love, you should be able to express it. If you cannot express your love to your partner then how it can last for a long time and the relationship cannot reach a long distance.

Lust is not the beginning of love

Love should never begin with lust. I do not mean to say lust is not important in love, but lust should not be the reason for love. You can’t just decide love overnight time. Just because you slept together it does not mean you are in love. Maybe if you are, it is not necessary for the other person to have the same feeling as that of yours. Maybe in the long run if you are still together even after the last episode and if you still have the same feelings towards each other then it might work.

Friends can be good lovers

We have seen so many movies where the hero and the heroine are friends from childhood and they turn into lovers and later marry and live happily ever after. This can just not happen in movies alone. It can happen in real-time also. But it is necessary that you have to be childhood friends. If you are good friends then you will know the madness and all about them. This kind of relationship will be very true as they know each other so well so the right graph of ups and downs will be there.

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Don’t try to change

Also in true love, one should try to change the other. You have met each other and loved each other deeply. Then where is change going to play a role? If you expect a change then how will you see the same person whom you loved instantly without any reason? You should learn to accept your partner the way they are. Give them the right space they require. Everyone needs personal space. If we give that space then love is going to be breezy.

Don’t expect

For some people when it is love everything is acceptable but when it proceeds into the next level their expectation changes. They expect things and this ruins their love. For example, you might be a person who likes everything clean or vice-versa. You should not expect the same from your partner too. They might not be the same as you are. Learn to love them against all odds.

Don’t find faults

If you love a person truly then you will not be able to find mistakes with them. You will start to accept them in all ways. Once you start finding mistakes, then you will be left heart-broken only. If you know that your partner is going to be this way and if you don’t like it then it is not going to end with just one thing. It will pop up for everything. It is better for you to not fall in love with such a person as you cannot accept them. If you fall in love with this kind, then you will end the relation soon.

Love should not be one-sided

There are so many people who keep loving their special ones even if they don’t love them back. Please do not do this. This is only going to be a time waste. When you know that they will never say a yes, please don’t fall in love with them. It is only going to make you feel miserable.

Having known all these facts, you can still not help falling in love. Love is like that. You can make mistakes but do not try to repeat the same. Fall in love with yourself first. This will give you a lot of confidence come what may. This will help you cross all the hurdles yet live a happy contented life. And always remember love makes life beautiful.



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