Is It Possible to Never Fall in Love?

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Reason Why Don’t Want to Fall in Love

Lack of trust

In case you don’t feel safe and secure when you are involved with a person or often fear deception, love is not for you. Trust is the most important ingredient not only to love but to any relationship. Lack of trust can anytime turn a relationship toxic. Your uncertainty about whom to trust shows that you have trust issues that you might have earned from earlier experiences and interactions.

Lack of confidence

Another reason that could be holding you back from falling into love is a lack of confidence. It can influence your romantic relationships and make you feel less likely to go for it.

Betrayal in an earlier relation

Betrayal could be the prime reason to ignore falling in love as it is empowered to leave a person feeling completely shattered and baffled. Somewhere in your mind, you are into that impression that it will happen again. You want to run away from the fear of being hurt that is why you want not to fall in love.

You want to be only you

If you want not to fall in love, you might don’t want to lose your identity or don’t want to risk your own interests. Love is the feeling that changes “I to we” and “my to ours”, which probably might be daunting you.

No relationship is ever perfect and undoubtedly, people in love are blissfully happy, which lifts them up, makes them a better person than ever. Confining your heart from the feeling of love may lead you to loneliness, depression and possibly towards anxiety.

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Pertinently, love doesn’t always go the way we want it to be and one might have a bitter experience of love, but is it possible to never fall in love again? Do you really want to restrict yourself to the person who didn’t treat u well? Who didn’t have respect for feelings?

The love relationship that ended on a bad note and left you shattered might not be the one you were looking for. But any relationship, good or bad that we are into, actually helps us get to know ourselves better. Failures are not the end of life. Been human beings it is always possible to go for the relations that make us a better and stronger person.

Love turns out suddenly

Falling in love can happen anytime in life. It can also encounter you at weird places and you just can’t get someone off of your mind. If you all of a sudden start feeling a deep connection with someone it signs that you’re in love.

So although you may have judged love a little harshly due to the bitterness you have experienced once. Some relationships may signal that you can fall in love again, even if you’re heartbroken for the first time, the time has the power to heal anything and once broken doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to be loved. To move on into life, one just needs to recognize and accept all experiences without judging them.

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One doesn’t have a choice to segregate the feelings before accepting them. You can not choose anger, respect, passion, humility but not love.
Rather than concentrating on the negative things that bothered you in your early life regarding your relations, you have to accept them and move on.

Later in life, when you reach a decision that you have found the person you want to commit to, go for it. But remember, relationships are not to be pleasant always and there will be disagreements and discussions and in no ways that are going to affect your affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for your partner, if you have nurtured your relation with love.

Love is not a two-minute noodle it grows over time and there will be moments when you won’t even realize when it occupied your soul along with your mind.

The bottom line is “not falling in love could be soul-destroying.” Love will save your identity and will make you a better person. It will give you the strength to put yourself back together again and will complete you in all ways.



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