Keys to Healthy and Happy Relationship

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Happiness in a relationship is not easy to define because each person defines happiness in his/her own way and every relationship is different. A person like me defines happiness as having lots of fun while another person may define happiness as living in peace with the partner without conflicts. How you define happiness within a relationship depends on your desires, expectations, and what you need. These things change from time to time and that’s why it’s really hard to define what happiness in a relationship is. Even though these things change there some behaviors that will improve your chances of making your relationship strong and happy for a long time.

How to Be Happy in a Relationship

1. Self-love

If you want to live happily with another person then the first thing you should always do is love yourself. If you can’t love yourself then there is no way that you are going to be happy with another person. Self-love creates a stronger capacity to love others. It helps you love another person without fear that he/she will leave you and break your heart. It will make you stronger and when you fall in love with a person it will allow you to experience the full potential of love. If it is your partner who doesn’t have self-love and he is always paranoid thinking that you will leave, encourage him to have self-love and that might be the key to a happier relationship.

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2. Trust

This might sound like obvious but trust me, there are a lot of people out there who are in relationships with partners who they don’t trust. If you don’t trust your partner there is no way you are going to be happy. Every time he leaves you will be left thinking that he is out with another woman which will cause stress and then unhappiness. Every time your partner is late for work you can’t have peace of mind because your head will be thinking he is out whoring. There won’t be a single time you will think good things about your partner if you don’t trust him. Before you enter a relationship, work on improving your confidence and loving yourself because the more confident you are the easier it will be for another person to trust you. If it is your partner who is not trustworthy, then it is important to ask yourself if it is worth staying in that relationship. If you really love yourself then am sure you won’t stay in that relationship and you are going to find another partner who will be worth your trust.

3. Honesty

There are many times people use lies and they work and they have made peace living as liars. But what will happen if you build your relationship on a lie and your partner finds out? If you can’t be 100 percent honest with a person, then there no need being in a relationship with him/her. Being in a relationship with a partner who you can be totally honest with and your partner being totally honest with you will bring true freedom in the relationship. Honesty builds trust and trust builds a happy relationship.

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4. Connection

No matter how busy you are, no matter how far you are, your relationship should always be the priority. Your partner is your biggest support and probably the mother/father to your children, you should always find time to be with him. Enjoy the moment, go out together, plan family vacations, do duties with her. When she is tired from work and you are at home making dinner for her. She is the most important in your life, surely she deserves your attention. Don’t lose your partner because you are too busy pushing paychecks. Money is important, yes but spending time with your partner and enjoying the moment is what make you happy in a relationship.

5. Communication

You should always have time to talk to your partner directly. Not talk at her but talk to her. Note that important difference, talking at your partner will only make things worse. Having healthy conversations does not require you to shout or attack your partner viciously. Talk like two adults who know what they are doing. In a relationship there will always be arguments and talking at your partner will on only make you win the argument. But is winning the argument what you really want? You should communicate with love and compassion even when temperatures are high. If you all shout at each other it will not solve anything. Take your time to listen and really hear what your partner is saying before you speak. Then after hearing everything speak. This way you will always be able to solve problems together and your relationship will be happier.

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6. Common goals and values

Having different interests can’t stop you from having common goals with your partner. There are many couples who are from different religions and they are still in a happy relationship. The key to their happiness is that they have, trust, connection, self-love and they have common goals and values. Having common goals with your partner will lead to happiness in the relationship because both of you will be working towards something together that strengthens your bond.



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