Must-have Conversations for Couples

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Do you ever see your grandparents and think that how their love last so long? Sometimes you want so much your relationship to work out but it just doesn’t. Some say you never know if your relationship will work out or not, you just have to rely on fate. Others say the more things partners have in common the more likely they are to be compatible with each other. But I believe compatibility is not the things they have in common but the way they address each other’s differences and support their needs and dreams.

Conversations to have with your partner

If you have just started dating or dating for a while you need to have some meaningful conversations. But if you don’t know how to start a conversation, here are some great starters:

What is the happiest moment in your life?

Maybe it was when he first saw his pet dog or volunteered in an orphanage, you never know. It will describe him a lot and you’ll know him a little better.

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Would your friends describe you as introvert, extrovert or ambivert?

If the answer comes introvert, you know he is reserved, a homebody likes to keep in himself. If extrovert, then he’s an outgoing, approachable and socially confident person. Ambivert is a mix of both.

What is your biggest strength and weakness?

This can open up a lot about a person which you never knew and can help you to understand your partner better.

What motivates you the most to work hard?

Everyone has a purpose in action. Many people have different reasons to work at different intensities. It can be simplest like “I want to earn more” to “I want to have enough money to start a family before 30.”

What is the absolute no-no for you in a relationship?

Cheating, lying, fighting, not going on dates every weekend. People have many different opinions on this.

What led you to end things in your last relationship?

This is one of the most important topics you need to have a conversation about. You may open up boxes that truly needs to be opened and this can be a lesson for you which hopefully will help you in the future.

Conversation Topics for Couples

These conversation topics are very important for your future relationship to increase understanding and commitment regardless of how long you have been together.

Trust and commitment

Trust is making your partner believe that he can count on you, that you’re reliable. And accepting your partner fully for who he or she is its commitment. If you both can’t be on the same page on this topic you’ll have to face some serious issues in your future, so it’s better to have a conversation on this topic on the earlier period f your relationship.


This is a topic about which your partner may not feel comfortable to open up before you if you’ve just started dating. But if you’re dating for a while and thinking to take your relationship to another level, you need to talk on this matter because it’s a vital part of life.

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Money issues are not about money usually. Rather it’s about what money values in each person’s life and knowing what money means to your partner is very important if you want your relationship to go somewhere.


It’s very important that if you and your partner are imagining your future, you’re seeing the same picture because otherwise, it can’t be possible for you both to be happy and together.

Mental growth

If you’re in a relationship that does not help you to grow mentally it is not the right relationship for you. You both should take care of each other’s mental health and spirituality.

Sex and intimacy

Romantic acts and rituals keep your relationship happy and passionate. And also couples who talk about sex, have more sex. Wink.

Deep conversations topic for couples

If you’re about to get married or in a serious and committed relationship you need to clarify some things which were not possible to discuss while you were just dating. You need to indulge in a deep conversation on topics like:

How was your parents’ relationship growing up?

Discussing their parents’ relationship and how they feel about it will not only help you know them better, you’ll also understand how they may react to some certain circumstances.

Do you have any childhood trauma?

It’s a very touching and intimate topic to talk about. Your partner may feel vulnerable talking about this so you have to be very supportive and careful talking about this.

How will religion play in our relationship?

Even if religion doesn’t seem to be an issue in the earlier period of a relationship, it becomes later if both partners are not in the same page, like, both non-believers or practicing the same religion. Also, it will be difficult in the future for your kids to choose a path so you need to be honest on this topic about what you want.



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