Overdating issue: Is dating too much stopping you finding love?

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Is dating too much stopping you finding love?

When it comes to dating, it’s obvious that you should have as many dates as possible to meet as many new people as you can. However, this simple trick often stops working? What is the real reason you can’t find your perfect match? Is dating too much stopping you finding love? The answers below!

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Thanks to dozens of online dating solutions, you can easily have a date a few times per week or even every day. But, according to recent investigations, dating too much often causes “overdating”, that means you don’t pay much attention to your partner, because you still have a couple of “awesome candidates”. You don’t have enough time to know the one person, when it comes the second one. Therefore, you start treating dating like a long range of common interviews with almost no interest.

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What should you do to avoid overdating?

  • Take a small break. If you already met a dozen of candidates, with whom you had no second date, just take a short break. Avoid going for a date for a couple of weeks. This simple trick will make you pay more attention to your next possible matches.
  • Date only with those candidates, whom you really enjoyed online. If you had a bright and interesting conversation online, go ahead. However, if your possible match seemed boring or you have lack of common things, don’t waste your time. This will decrease the number of your dates and make them more productive.
  • Limit the number of first dates per week. You might have no more than a couple of first dates per week. This trick will make you focus on the dates and avoid scattering your attention.

Limit the number of first dates per week

  • Give second chances. In case you had a good date, but still hesitate, whether to have another one with the same crush, give them a second chance. Although the grass might seem greener with the next possible partner, try to know better a person you liked at the first date.
  • Don’t expect anything special from each candidate. It is a common issue that people communicating online might seem much more interesting than in real life. However, you might face with little to no chemistry with the most promising matches.
  • Listen to your gut. If you liked a person on the first date, don’t play all these games. Just have the second, third, etc. date as soon as possible not to miss your chance!


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