Why do people fall in love?

fall in love

All we need is love.

One of the reasons why people fall in love is the fact that we see something very similar to ourselves in another person. Resemblance can be not only inner but also outer. That’s why we often say: “You are very similar”, when we meet couples in love. To fall in love with the person who shares your values is much easier and more pleasantly.

A significant factor of incipience of love is that other person has a thing for you. In other words our selfishness tells us: I am pleasant to him, so he has a good taste and, as a result, he is pleasant to me too.

Of course, the phenomenon of love is so complex that we can fall in love with a person who is absolutely unlike us or with a person who does not show any interest. The mechanisms of occurrence of love have not been thoroughly studied yet. But we can say, surely, that every person needs love and strives for it. That is why, sooner or later, love comes to all of us.

Love and chemistry

It has been proven that the emergence of love is associated with various chemical reactions occurring in our brain. However, this applies not only to love, but also to many other emotions – from grief to happiness. All of them have biochemical nature. However, not only nerve cells participate in the incipience of love, but also some specific chemical compounds.  Phenethylamine plays here a main role. It is responsible for the majority of displays of affection. By the way, chocolate also contains phenethylamine. For this reason, this product is so beloved. This chemical element makes our heart beat with a crazy speed.

In addition, as a result of love the level of adrenaline rises in the blood. It accelerates the heartbeat and sharpen all senses. At the same time, we are affected by endorphins, which stimulates immune system. Thus, the chances of getting sick are reduced.

In general, when we experience feeling of love, our organism begins to work better. This explains why lovers catch cold so rarely. So, among other things, love is also very healthful.

in love

As you have already understood, our feelings and emotions are not always under the control of our mind. In most cases, everything happens simply at the chemical level. Despite everything, love is a wonderful feeling. Therefore, if you feel that you have become a “hostage” of chemical reactions in your body, do not worry, it is natural!


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