Platonic Love: Signs And Benefits


Platonic love in friendship is evident in many ways that are visible among mates. Platonic is not on physical attraction but a mental and spiritual connection that is felt during the relationship hence a drive and sense of attraction to each other.

Signs of Platonic Love:

The following are the different signs that you’re are engaging in a platonic friendship or affair:

• You like being around somebody so much more than even your committed person. You will get attracted to the person more than your usual committed person because with them you feel happy.
• You don’t get a picture without them in the future. You tense to have good projections of you together in the future to continue because you don’t imagine life without, he or she.
• You tend to have felt that the person understands you the most. You feel like they have the remedy to your problems at any moment.
• You try your best to fit in time together for each other. At the busiest schedule, you will squeeze to get your particular time with them.
• If you keep reminders and a picture of them. You always value every moment that you had together. Therefore, you tend to keep souvenirs given it reminds you of the time you were with each other.
• If their texts and calls arouse your happiness feeling. You’ll find that you will always be in a hurry to know what updates they have to tell you.
• You take time to dress and your appearance matters so much to them when about to meet. That is, you will find more time preparing to impress each other. And you will want to hear compliments of how you are because the opinion of them matters
• Whenever you talk about trips and incoming plans you want to include them. This is because you believe that any tine without them will not be as much fun as you expect to be.
• You have a feeling of comfort when together at all times. Many times, lovers will disagree but you will not experience this in this platonic affair.
• You have the drive to know about each other interests send disinterest. You tend to know more about what he or she likes, what annoys or dislikes her, and what makes her happy.
• You tend to have may instances that are similar. You’ve got hobbies, fancy life stories, movies and maybe music.
• You have endless conversations and in many instances, there is no awkward silence between you two.
• When hit by the good news that has intrigued you the first person that comes to your mind is your friend. This shows how you want then to jubilate and praise your accomplishments when they hear the good news.
• Your other friends tell you should date. Because of the affair they saw between you. This because of the seen match between you two they tend to push you two to date as you will have a perfect couple together maybe they are always jealous of your affection and true affairs and they are lonely.
• People are always mistaken that you are a couple. They see how much time o out together, how happy you’re when together and a lot of time spent together and therefore tend to claim something goes on between you two.
• You always fund yourself talking about him or her so much More so to your friends or family because they are like a part of your life as there are consequently in all your endeavors.
• You make a big effort to avoid any sexual appeals and flirting. This is because you feel that you are not engaged or a couple therefore you do not want to spoil the close relationship that you cherish.

Benefits of Platonic Love:

• It enhances your communication skills and builds basis on good conversation. During different times the ability to open up your emotional feelings to air them to your friend creates self-confidence. And also challenging moments acts as practice sessions to overcome obstacles against that make you possess good qualities to handle such instances in future.
• They help to build a support foundation in times of crisis. You will always have a friend to keenly advise and help you look on the matter. This is because this friend cares about your well being.
• They promote good health habits and benefits. This is because the urgent care and security felt nourishes your mind positively. Thus, you grow each day better due to happiness caused contrary to its lonely people that are depressed with their problems with no one to lean on.
• They are the key to your inspiration. They are always there for by supporting your next move. They always push you to the next level to try out things because of the trust they have upon you.
• They create wide social bonds. This is because they create more friendship with what they have. After all, they feel you deserve it. You will tend to increase social life because of new friends.
• You do not have the risk of getting Sexually transmitted diseases. Due to the wide gap in sexual life between you two, there are no possibilities of contracting this deadly disease.
• You tend to reveal and love your true image. This is because you give out your opinions without fear of any embarrassment or awkward feeling attributed to it
• . You get paradoxical freedom. In a relationship, there are a lot of expectations and responsibilities to adhere to. But contrary to this the trust gained eases the burden as the only thing you offer is just time.
• There are no cases of unwanted pregnancies. Pregnancies are the best when planned for because they have a good impact on the family. But when unplanned cause misery and disappointments because of the sudden disturbances to the normal life. But for platonic, this will never be the case at every cost because there is no sexual life attached one life freely.
• You understand the other sex better. This is because you learn more about either sex how they solve their issues There are different perspectives the other sex possess you can understand and know them better.
• You build a strong character of yourself. As you can linger around with your friend you can develop good qualities of compassion to others. Therefore, good and positive virtues are created within.

Platonic Love vs Romantic love

Platonic love has been treasured by different people the same as romantic love but people have had different takes on both. Platonic love is very different from romantic love because of the different origin, characteristics and different effect on people:

• Romantic love is there are love feelings and affection for one another and there is also an asexual element present between them. But platonic love is the love that is friendly therefore called friends with benefits as there is a sense of attraction present mentally and spiritually.
• Romantic love at most times you are always considerate of your spouse or mate’s feelings. Unfortunately, not at all times will there be but platonic you are always honest with your friend because of the ties between you two. You have the best as you can have a shoulder to lean on.
• Platonic love has got to embrace a lot of the affection therefore fights are not am expected at most times. And also, if they arise, they are resolved faster. But in romantic love, the relationship is baser on making each other happier. So, in most instances fight is normal but they are left on a communication basis.
• Romantic love is constituted by the love figures that encompass flirting, sexual satisfaction, and love security of been taken care of but platonic love is a mere connection in the spiritual and mental that there is love that is friendly that the mates enjoy without the urge of sexual appealing. The company of each other matters without any feelings of pleasure among the duos but they have rather a feeling of wellbeing among themselves.
• Romantic love is always based on the fact on forever terms that is until death do part with them. Therefore, nit has a feeling of eternal love that will never end at any time. But platonic love us based on facts that ride or die this is because you do may of your activities acknowledging the moments you have. But the time does not matter because of your friendships based on trust.
• Romantic love is driven by activities to do, the decision to make, to spend together, and how much you think about each other. Therefore, every decision is crucial in every story of life. But platonic love is greatly based on charisma you can face them as they come therefore the participation of different ideas are not a keen subject to look upon.



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