Proven Signs of Deep Feelings

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Knowing that you are feeling something deeply for another person is another whole level. This realization can bring your relationship to another higher level altogether. For some people, it is easy to know that you have deep feelings toward someone else, while it can be not the case for everyone.

Strong Feeling Signs

1. Physical affection

If you have a deep feeling towards someone, even if you do not know it consciously, your body does. This goes with a lot of our other feelings such as dislike, or hatred.

Physical affection does not necessarily mean that you are kissing or hugging them non stop. It is a part of it, true. But physical affection lies deeper than that. Physical affection can mean those touches that you gave or your body language.

When you truly love someone, your body language would be very positive around that other person. You will have better intonation, your feet might be facing them without you even realizing, or you would start making eye contact and gets immersed in what they are saying.

2. First-person

If you truly have a deep feeling for someone, then they will come naturally on the top. They would want to be the first person that you share everything with, despite it being good news or bad news.

If when something happened you instantly think about a certain person, then that means that you have unconsciously put your trust in that other person.

Another sign of strong feeling for someone is that you always think about them constantly. This is simply natural because your brain releases phenylethylamine when you fall in love with someone. This hormone is the hormone that creates infatuation towards someone.

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3. Happiness

Another sign that you have a deep feeling toward someone is that you would like them to be happy no matter what. Being in a relationship is all about giving. Their happiness would become your priority when you have a deep feeling toward someone.

This type of relationship is also called compassionate love, and it is one of the biggest signs of a healthy relationship.
Putting someone else happiness above yours is not as easy as it sounds. Human is naturally born as creatures with ego, which means that they have to put themselves first before others. When you fall in love with someone, you would have neglected this aspect of your personality.

4. Quirks

We all know that living with someone is not easy. Everyone has their own habit thus they have their own quirks. This is a reason why it is not easy to get along with a roommate unless if you have the same type of personality.

If you really have a deep feeling toward someone, you would have realized by now that you are paying a lot of attention to them. This could be the way they speak, the way they smile, the way they laugh. The chances are, you are going to be able to pick on the little quirks that made them special.

A study actually confirms this theory. Another theory that the study found is that quirks can actually make a person fall deeper in love without someone rather than just physical attributes because each people have their own unique preferences.

5. Understanding them

When it comes to understanding your partner, if you have a deep feeling for someone, you would be able to understand them.

Each one of us communicates in a different manner. We talk differently, and we think differently. The best quality of having a deep feeling about someone is that you would be able to understand your partner better. This might come in the form of how they talk, or the sense of humor.

6. New things

Another sign that you have a deep feeling toward someone is that you would be stepping out of your comfort zone, especially for your partner’s.

This is simply because their happiness is simply your priority. When your partner’s happiness becomes your priority and they are used to doing things that you would never do otherwise, then you are more likely to join them in their comfort zone because you wanted to be with them.

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7. Comfort

If you have a deep feeling toward someone, then you are most likely going to feel comfortable around them. The feeling of comfort will only come when you have a deep feeling for that other person. The most important thing that you should know about dating is that it is basically sharing your energy and your life with someone else. In order for your relationship to work, you will have to have good chemistry with each other.

This goes the same way with being yourself. There are often times in society or even in our life that we are feeling pressurized to become someone else that we are not.

If your partner is a person that would allow you to be yourselves, then it would have felt so liberating and relaxing for you to share those kinds of feelings. As a result of the chain event, then you are more likely to have a deeper feeling with that person.

8. Important detail

Another sign of you having a deep relationship with someone is that you would have remembered all the important detail about that person. This is how our brain reacts. We ten to be able to remember the things that we found interesting.
If you have a deep feeling toward someone, you would naturally find them to be interesting. This will lead you to pay attention and to be able to remember all the details; big or small that the other person was telling you about.



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