Reasons for Holding Hands in Body Language

a couple walking and holding hands

Meaning of Holding Hands

Which is the reason why we are here to help you better understand why this happens and how it affects our lives and our perception regarding other people. The thing to note about what does holding hands means is that just about everywhere in the world the gesture is the same. There are no variations, which means whenever you see people holding hands, it shows that they are attracted to one another.

It also shows that they are trusting each other. You won’t hold another person’s hand unless you really trust them. In fact, you are showing that you are lowering your guard and you are letting that person in your life. It’s a unique and exciting feeling, certainly one of the coolest and most interesting experiences that you can find out there. What really matters at the end of the day is why and how you are holding hands as well. People need to realize that hand holding meaning is all about letting other people in your personal space.

a couple holding hands and walking closely to each other

You need to stop being very defensive, and letting other people in your life this way is exactly what you want to focus on. That doesn’t mean it will be an easy thing to do. But if you are committed and you work really hard nothing will stand in your way. You just need to have patience and you need to expand that personal air bubble and leave other people in. Sure, you show a bit of vulnerability, but at the same time, this is a sign of growth and just reaching that next level in a relationship. It’s definitely not the simplest thing you can do but if you take your time and avoid any rush it will pay off big time.

The hand holding meaning also shows the other person trusts you a lot. Let’s face it, no one will hold hands with you unless they trust you. So not only is this an amazing thing for you, but it also shows a lot about how they feel in regards to you. It’s a mutual feeling, and that alone is very interesting and exciting at the same time. You really need to be committed, focus on results and the payoff alone can be among some of the best every time.

hands of a man and a woman

It’s a sign of deep connection and emotional attachment. It also shows an attempt to comfort her, the neediness or fear to lose her and so on. The way people hold hands will usually tell the story, as different hand holding methods express feelings at that time. But it’s safe to say that holding hands is normal, it’s exciting and it just makes life a lot more interesting. It might not seem or feel like a lot, but it definitely pushes the boundaries and it makes life a lot more appealing in the end!



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